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A True Muslim's Experience

By brother-initiate Zulfiqar Ali, UK
(originally in English)

During my initiation I had the most wonderful experience. I had been practicing the Convenient Method for about a year and I always saw the golden Master Ching Hai in my dreams and felt Her presence of love, peace and harmony. Being a true Muslim, my faith has always been very strong and my heart very pure. During my initiation at the International 3-Day Retreat in Los Angeles, I saw a brilliant light and Master. She was guiding me to God. When I did the Quan Yin, I heard ocean waves, birds singing, the golden flute, and the harp. My whole body disappeared and I felt blissful and full of love.

The next day I was meditating in my room and as I recited the Holy Names, my eyes felt heavy and within seconds my soul had come out of my body and my body was in a very deep sleep. And I saw God. One hair on God's head was a trillion times the light of our sun. There was a beautiful and radiant light everywhere that went on forever. I said to God, "I love You Father," and Hes said, "I love you, my child." And everything made sense to me. My body was light and I joined once again with the Father. I then realized who I was. God said to me, "I have been waiting for you, my son," and revealed everything. Hes said, "Everything is yours, because you too are God and commander of the Universe." I said, "Allah, (God) I have missed you," and Hes gave me a big hug. The energy was unbelievable.

I was in Heaven and one with the heavenly Father. Then I saw beautiful angels dressed in white all around me and the prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. I sat down and talked to both of them and they were happy to see me. They said, "You have broken the barrier and you are one, for we all are one with the Father." Jesus and Mohammed said, "You are in the highest heaven. This all belongs to you. The angels are at your command." There we all are light. I saw golden chairs, golden buildings, and diamonds in the buildings. Basically, everything was made out of light. Even the food was made out of light. Jesus and Mohammed told me that they travel to different worlds, and then I saw the billions of other worlds that I never knew existed. They said that They go to these worlds to collect all the negative energy and replace it with positive energy. We are worn out, but we can repair ourselves because we are light. I realized that in the higher dimensions everything is made from light.

I said to God that this would not be possible if it were not for the Supreme Master Ching Hai who had helped me to find the true Kingdom of God. Jesus and Mohammed then said that I was to tell Master that She is doing an excellent job and give Her a hug from Them, and to say thank You. Allah said, "My child, you are to spread the word to all the brothers and sisters, and especially to my daughter, Supreme Master Ching Hai, tell Her I am very happy that She has millions of disciples following my teaching." I started to cry, but the tears were filled with love and laughter, and then the angels started to sing. Jesus, Mohammed, God, and I were dancing surrounded by the angels singing.

The next day I saw Master in Her physical form at group meditation. I waited until all the others had asked their questions, and then I walked to the front and told Master that I had seen Jesus and Mohammed. They sent Their love and blessings, and Allah God was very happy with Her work. God said that Hes loves Her very much and to give Her a hug from the Father Himself. So I gave Master a hug, and She said, "I love you." I said, "I love You, too, Master." In the ballroom, I saw God surrounded by angels looking over all the brothers and sisters. Hes looked at me and smiled, and then vanished.

I believe that Master needed this experience to help those around Her and God chose me to deliver this beautiful message. I saw that all the brothers and sisters know that the Father does love us very much. We must keep a clean heart, meditate, and recite the Holy Names all the time, and we must always think positively. We truly are heavenly saints, commanders of the universe and the whole cosmos because we are God. For people who cannot see the light, try this: Say, "If I see light, I am happy; if I see darkness, I am happy because I am one with the Father," and everything shall be revealed to you. I hope this helps all the brothers and sisters. I now know why we call Master the "Pure Ocean." She truly is the "Ocean of Love." When I meditate, I now see Master all the time. Her golden manifestation is everywhere and She blesses me. There are angels all around Her and me.

Remember to always walk the way of love. I love you always and forever.

From a true Muslim
A humble noble soul


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