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News 97, Between Master And Disciples

Genuine Gifts

By Hanxiucao

Each time we meet Master, She shares and gives away all the flowers and candies around Her as mementos. For sure, these gifts are charged with Her blessings. However, in addition to these blessings, both visible and invisible, She brings us a precious message...

"What I give you are not flowers but the lesson in sharing."

The following is an excerpt from Master's talks with initiates at US airport upon Her arrival in 1996.

"Now all of you share the flowers. The other ones don't be jealous. If you can not get flowers, it's alright, it's me that you wanted, no? (Yes) Pass to another person if you already have some. You should be greedy for the inner development, not flowers. You have to learn the lesson of sharing. It's not flowers that I'm giving you, it's a lesson. So if you keep everything for yourself, that means you should feel sorry. That means you didn't get it. You didn't get the real gift. The real gift is not the flower."

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angeles Airport, California, USA
March 12, 1996
(originally in English)


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