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News 81, While On The Path

Spiritual Journey Towards Recognizing My True Self

By would-be initiate Keith Sylvain, Colorado, USA
(originally in English)

I am an African American by birth. In America, I am blessed with the illusion of my separation from society. The racism I have spent a whole life facing has given me a separation that many black people despise. It has taught me that, wherever you find yourself find blessings. It has taught me patience, endurance and real love. It has taught me that each man walks alone, but should not feel lonely.

I was not looking for enlightenment, a spiritual path or something to do with my time. My mind was focused on a wide variety of directions regarding business. I was introduced to Master's teachings in a passing conversation, and have followed what I found ever since. I have noticed that since I have stopped drinking and eating meat, I no longer suffer from wild mood swings. I notice that I don't feel sluggish, weak or catch colds easily. When I went shopping, I was startled to find out how materialistic I had become, and how easy it is not to see that.

Since I have focused on following the five precepts, it is easy to understand right from wrong because it is no longer about what legal wording I use, but my ability to be honest. I don't rely on others to judge me, or to provide approval. I recognize things as they really are, and respect them. I am learning my faults, and seeking my higher Self.

I have noticed since I began meditating that I have a very calm, personable and attractive person living within me. Suddenly I have time in my day, hours within my minutes and little attachment to circumstances. I notice that I feel "faraway" and at the same time richly intimate with people. I am still not balanced, but I am becoming whole.

I have always regarded myself as a business professional, and an entrepreneur. It is hard to imagine being able to help as many people or to touch as many lives as Supreme Master Ching Hai, coming from as far away as She has come. That in itself is a kind of miracle to me. She teaches me on many levels how Truth manifests, how to remain ordinary, how to present myself and openly walk the road available to all initiates.

I am deeply thankful. I am looking forward to my initiation.

"The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit.
The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are."

~ Marcus Aurekius ~


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