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News 155, While on the Path

Combining Business with God's Mission in the African Bush

By brother-initiate Andrè MacCarthy, Pretoria, South Africa
(originally in English)

During 2003 and the first part of 2004, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the real estate business I managed because, despite my best efforts to provide honest, efficient service to my customers, they often showed an ungrateful attitude.

Fortunately, however, around that time I got a chance to market herbal medicines for a local company, predominantly in the poorer parts of South Africa. Although the business was not very profitable, it gave me the chance to speak with a wide variety of people, which happens to be my favorite pastime!

Surprisingly, as I went about selling my wares, most of my customers spoke quite openly about their fears and insecurities, and we inevitably came to discuss inner peace, the meaning of life, the mystery of death and related topics.

Some of the most intriguing conversations I had occurred during business calls to small, remote villages deep in the African bush, where I met a colorful array of locals. For example, in Bollantlokwe I spoke with a group of grizzled old men about life after death, in Lebetloane I discussed Master's teachings with several middle-aged women, in Ga Habedi I spoke of the AIDS issue with some young people, and in Dikebu a bright, crippled woman, her blind husband and I examined the nature of karma.

During several of these talks, young refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Pakistan, who were trying to make a living as informal merchants, called me "brother" when they realized I was more interested in their spiritual well-being than in the details of their religious beliefs. Painful memories of terrible atrocities experienced in their home countries were clearly visible in their eyes, and it took some explaining to convince them that ultimate peace was to be found within and not in the mundane world.

In Vosloorus, a sprawling, dangerous and crime-ridden township, I failed to make any money because I spent almost an entire day speaking with a young girl, who listened enraptured and whose eyes shone as I told her about Master and Her teachings.

All the people I met who could read were given a copy of The Key of Immediate Enlightenment sample booklet, and as a result a Pakistani man came back to see me, eager to hear more good news about the Quan Yin Method.

During this period, my most wonderful feeling of fulfillment came when Master's blessing power ignited an atheist's belief in the inner Master, and allowed me to impart the Convenient Method of meditation to him and his wife. Also, witnessing the wife's hunger for spiritual release and enlightenment is something I will forever relish.

Initially, I was mystified as to why I was being led to so many strange places to meet all these wonderfully diverse people while doing my marketing work. But I gradually realized that there was something behind it and it dawned on me that it must have been Master's arrangement to have me go on a mission to speak with numerous souls who were ready to hear about the Truth.

In some places I visited I had a sense of lurking danger but felt no fear because in my heart I knew I was under Master's close protection. Now, however, I have to leave the herbal medicine business because it appears She has something else in store for me. Thank You, Master, for giving me this marvelous opportunity to share in God's work.


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