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Inner Connection

By sister-initiate Patrice Byrnes, Perth, Australia
(originally in English)

My sister-in-law, Candy, and I arrived in Seoul, Korea, for the 5-day International Retreat. It was the first time for both of us to be at an International Retreat and to see our beloved Master. We pitched our tent early in the morning (12 A.M.) in the dark and fell asleep. Three hours later, at 3:00 in the morning, we were given a wake-up call to prepare for early-morning meditation (4 A.M.). We trekked uphill to the meditation hall. The vast hall was also on an incline. As Australians, we were seated at the front near Master's stage.

I had a displaced coccyx bone a few years ago which has left me with a permanently weak lower back. The incline position I was in was so painful and uncomfortable that I had no idea how I could last for three hours in this state. In total desperation I prayed within to Master and called the Master Power to please not forsake me and to help me. After the prayer, I do not remember a thing. I gently came around as the lights switched on after the meditation.

One early morning during meditation, I felt love surrounding me. I opened my eyes for a few seconds and saw Master seated on the stage in the dark, meditating and sending each and every one of us Her love. The love that emanated from Master's being was so overwhelming that tears rolled down my eyes as I drifted off into deep meditation.

Every day certain countries were called to sit on the stage with Master and allowed to ask questions. When we were called on the stage, I sat at the back wall of the stage resting my back. I was seated almost directly behind Master's chair. We were told to meditate: I repeated the Five Holy Names and silently communicated with Master inside, telling Her I had this question I wanted to ask, and to please help me as I was shaking with nerves. Master finally arrived and question time came. "Any questions?" Hands went up. Answers were given; I was still shaking inside, still talking to Master to help me ask this question. Master turned toward the side I was sitting and told the attendant to pass the microphone toward the group where I was sitting. "Give the microphone: there is a question here." I knew Master had heard me again, but I froze with fear. No one put their hand up: certainly not me (the culprit). Master asked three times for the microphone to be given as there was a question here. I missed my chance as fear overtook me. The session finished and we went to lunch. After lunch, we were told we could go back on the stage again, as Master had given permission to the same group to ask more questions. Silently I knew Master was giving me another chance. This time I put my hand up and picking up all my courage asked my question.

Every initiate has this connection with Master within. All we need to do is to keep our promise and vow we gave during initiation. Meditate two and a half hours minimum every day according to instructions. Keeping the vegetarian diet and the Five Precepts stops the mind from obstructing the Master Power to connect with us within thus keeping the line clear.


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