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News 64, Between Master and Disciples

You Bring Us True Freedom

By sister-initiate Ana Cecilia Mena, Costa Rica
(originally In English)

Several years ago, after Master's Mexican lecture tour, Her disciples gathered at an airport to see Her off. In addition to all the spiritual blessings we received during the lecture tour, Master gave me the most beautiful love experience I have ever had, which will live in my memory forever.

When Master arrived at the airport, we all stepped aside to let Her pass through the crowd, and enjoyed the precious moment of being with Her. My heart, as well as my entire body, was pounding with emotion; I wanted to convey to Her the fathomless depth of my love. Suddenly, the crowd pushed me to Master's side, and I said to Her instinctively, "I love You, Master!" These words flowed purely and sincerely from my soul like a stream of clear, flesh water. Master looked at me with infinite love in Her eyes.

I desired deeply to express the feeling that enveloped me. The only thing I could think of doing was to give Her a ring I was wearing, one that meant a lot to me. I offered the ring to Her; but She put it back on my finger, saying, "You wear it. Remember me when you wear it. Then She hugged me. That was the greatest moment of my life. My heart was overflowing with love. The inner experience made me oblivious to the outer reality; my consciousness was totally free and I lost track of time. I felt bodiless with only light surrounding me. It was an indescribable feeling -- free, eternal, being one with Master. I always remember what Master said to me that day, "If you carry me in your heart, I will be with you forever. During times of happiness, these words make me even happier; in times of difficulty, these words comfort me and relieve the pressure. Whenever I remember that day, I recall my feelings of joy, which wake up my deep inner longing to be one with Master forever.


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