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News 95, Master's Words

Train Your Children to be Independent

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angeles Center, USA • June 21, 1998
(Originally in Chinese)

You had better teach your children from a young age to be clean and responsible for their own messes, to clean up after themselves. If everyone cleans, and the house is clean all the time, the mother doesn't have to spend all day in the bathroom or kitchen, cleaning and all that. I think the Occidental ways are better. Teach the children to be independent, and they will grow up to be more confident. Many of our Oriental children are a little bit weak and too reliant on the parents, on the elder, on the wife, or whoever can do it. This relying spirit is no good. It makes you weak. Do whatever you can do; it's good for you, really.

If you are rich and you have servants later, that's fine. Okay, let them have jobs also. It's good. But it doesn't mean that you cannot do it. You can do it, but then you have a choice. You do it or you don't; it depends on the situation. Not that you always have to rely on everyone to do everything for you. It's no good, really no good, especially if you are just an ordinary citizen. You're not like a big business company owner or director that you are so busy you have to rely on secretaries or people to help you, assistants. If you are just man, wife and a few kids, and you can't manage your life, this is very sad. It makes you weak. The more work we do, it's good for us. It makes us strong. I don't mean "more" like you work yourself to death. Just that the more variety, the more capabilities, the more things you know, the better for you. You're more independent and more confident. That's the way we should live our lives. We walk tall.


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