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News 165, Pearls of Wisdom

Being Open to God’s Grace Uplifts a Country’s Consciousness

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Singapore • March 8, 1993
(Originally in English) Videotape #327

What makes one country have a higher consciousness than another? First, the government must be wise; they must let good influences come to their land and be willing to learn and sacrifice for the people. They should show the people good examples and learn more from wise persons and develop their own wisdom more thoroughly. Therefore, since ancient times, for many, many thousands of years, great kings have been worshiped by people and beloved by all. Their names are engraved in the heart of the universe. And if the governmental system is good, the people feel freer and more at ease. They look for a higher value of life because their material side is satisfied; their life security is being looked after.

It takes more to be wise than just looking after people materially, but that is one of the starting points. Then when we’re open to all kinds of good influences, wisdom will come to our land; blessings will flow forth into our country. We will feel better and better because the people are united and in one heart to develop the country and to bless the nation. In some countries, the policy is too restrictive and even wise people or good people can hardly enter. Because they fear criminals and so on, they also make restrictions on wise and good or saintly people. Then, even though our country is much developed materially, we can hardly keep it very long because we lack the blessing from God.


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