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News 118, While on the Path

From Misunderstanding to Realization

By sister-initiate Rachael Ann Adari, Bet Herut, Israel
(originally in English)

My husband received initiation in August 1997 at a London retreat, and at the time I opposed his interest in the Quan Yin Method, because I thought he was getting involved in a cult.

My husband became a vegetarian overnight, practiced the Convenient Method every day, and had an abundant appetite for anything "Quan Yin Method." He watched Master's videos, listened to audio tapes in the car and at home, and read Master's books. All of this took me by surprise, especially the book reading, as in all the years I had known my husband he had never finished a book. It was obvious to me that his interest was very real and that his full initiation was only a matter of time.

He couldn't wait to receive approval for his initiation after he had filled out the application form, and within two months he was on the phone to the London Center to find out why his application was taking so long to process. Finally, he was told that Master was coming to London to give lectures and that there would be a retreat.

This was a dream come true for him, as it meant that he could be initiated by Master, and that he didn't have to wait the usual three months between application and initiation. I became very insecure and angry, because thought I had lost him forever, and believed he would become so involved in his meditation and spiritual practice that he would have no time for me or our new son. I even thought about getting a divorce. It seemed inevitable that we would separate, since we would no longer have anything in common, no middle ground. I couldn't find a balance, as he was rocketing away along his spiritual motorway and I was taking the scenic route on the quiet roads.

He was a new initiate, so he wanted to talk about his new life, his new discoveries, all the time, all day, every day, and it became too much for me. He sounded like a preacher, until one day I told him my thoughts on separation and he calmed down. I think my initial fear was that we would be worlds apart in our thinking, but because he didn't talk about his meditation or about his practice, it was like I almost forgot about my problem with the enormous change that had taken place in his life.

Time passed and he became a different person; he was more compassionate and patient, saw the world with bigger eyes, and gained a quiet determination that I admired. The changes I saw in him were subtle, but add subtle change to subtle change and then add a few more subtle changes and the result is a different person; he was someone I loved and admired very much.

Slowly, slowly I started to ask questions, watched some of Master's videos, and even read a few pages of some books and agreed to listen to Master's tapes while driving with my husband in the car, until eventually I met a few initiates and learned the Convenient Method. I practiced as much as I could, but at the time we had just had a new son and I found it difficult to meditate every day.

My husband persuaded me gently to try as much as I could; he was very supportive, just what I needed. Eventually, I received initiation in June 1999; it had taken two years of slow realization, but eventually I made it. Master works Her wonders in all kinds of ways, and thanks to Master I now enjoy life to the fullest with my husband and son.


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