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News 145, While on the Path

Soaring into Heaven by Way of the “Sound Rocket”

By brother-initiate Shaun Hannocks, Byron Bay/Northern Rivers, Australia
(originally in English)

It is now my fourth year as a Quan Yin Method practitioner and only now does my entire being clearly understand what the Method can accomplish. I see it at work in my life so visibly that sometimes it is a great surprise to me.

The Sound force cleanses my soul at a speed so fast that I miss it when I try to experience it. It also seems like my "personal rocket," taking me to many realms without my even realizing it most of the time. In fact, I am very fortunate that Master once allowed me to see some higher domains but I became frightened as I began to worry about where I was when I found myself in a space where I could smell various fragrances. The experience became so frighteningly real that I prayed to Master very hard, and thus my fear brought me back down through the levels to the normal waking state.

What I have learned from my spiritual experiences is that the Sound cleanses us first and then allows us to travel to these other dimensions. The cleaner we are the farther we can travel, getting closer and closer to the Source. Also, another important thing I have realized is that you only begin to be cleansed and then move "upward" when you concentrate; concentration is a vital part of our spiritual practice. If you are sitting and sleeping during meditation then you are better off going to bed, and then coming back to meditate later.

Through practicing the most powerful method in the world - the Quan Yin Method - I have come to understand that I can definitely go back Home as long as I strictly observe the Five Precepts and Master's teachings and meditate diligently. Thank You, Master. I love You!


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