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News 152, Spiritual Interludes

How I Quit Smoking through Master's Subtle Hints

Narrated by brother-initiate Liao Wen-xian, Taoyuan
Recorded by the Taoyuan News Group, Formosa
(originally in Chinese)

Early this year, my second oldest sister gave me a copy of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s sample booklet, which I enjoyed as soon as I began reading it. Before that, I had read sample books from other masters given to me by other family members, but none touched my heart as this one did. After reading the Supreme Master’s booklet, I switched naturally and easily to a vegetarian diet and began practicing the Convenient Method.

However, it was less easy for me to overcome my addiction to smoking several packs of cigarettes a day than it was to adopt a vegetarian diet. Previously, I had tried repeatedly to quit smoking, but without success; instead, I became even more heavily addicted. After practicing the Convenient form of meditation for a time, I again tried my best to quit smoking. However, a strong inner resistance forced me to constantly go back to the habit.

Then one day this thought suddenly occurred to me: “I’ve affixed Master’s photo to the wall of my room with double-sided adhesive tape. Why does it keep falling off?” Next, I thought, “Could it be because I’m smoking in my room?” So I reminded myself, “Give it a try! Next time I feel the urge, I won’t smoke in my room.” Ever since then, Master’s photo has remained firmly attached to the wall, though I have not replaced the adhesive tape.

Evidently, Master had been taking care of me since the moment I began practicing the Convenient Method. But I was so coarse and careless that I neglected Her subtle reminders, unceasing love, positive expectations and concern. Deeply touched, I have now quit my long addiction to nicotine without much difficulty. This incident remains fresh in my memory as Master’s divine love continues to reverberate in my heart, nourishing me daily as I walk on the spiritual path.


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