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News 33, While on the Path

My Heart was Blooming with Happiness

By fellow initiate Jan, Kaohsiung, Formosa
(originally in Chinese)

Master often tells us, "We are not this physical body, not this mind. Our original self is eternal; it was never born, and it shall never die." With Her teachings and through our meditation, Master helps us break through the concept of time and space. She also educates us quietly through the occurrences of our daily lives.

I remembered that soon after I was initiated several years ago, I heard Master said, "Among fellow initiates, we address one another as elder brother or elder sister. This is because some of you have already practiced in past lives and so we can't determine a person's spiritual level by the time of his initiation in this lifetime." Therefore, whenever I saw our fellow initiates who had just met calling each other elder brother or elder sister, I would have a feeling that we were elevated beyond time and space. Yes! We seem to feel that our daily thoughts and deeds are all for this life, and therefore, we are bound to this lifetime; this is where the problem lies. Master always teaches us through the bits and pieces of our daily lives to break through some of our preconceptions which we had thought to be rational and true but which actually got us stuck in a certain corner. Whenever I clearly come to understand the true meaning behind a certain concept, I am delighted because it feels like an obscure layer is being peeled away, and an obstacle is being overcome.

Since then, I have talked to Master in my heart, "Oh! Master! In order to follow such a divine and supreme path, I must continue to break through many preconceptions. In cases when I have doubts due to my ignorance during the course of my practice, please do not abandon me! I wish to be enlightened, so please let me come to understand the millions of 'whys' about life that I have in my heart."

After I joined the Quan Yin practitioners group, I was happily working for Master. But before long, I stumbled my way home! I cried in my heart to Master about my frustration with the other initiates. While I sharply criticized others, I was unable to see my own faults, my own sharp edges and corners, which also hurt others badly. I was like a spoiled child complaining to Master, "I know You are a great enlightened Master. I just want to follow You, but I don't want to be a part of this large group."

Then while I was meditating, a thought came to me: "Ever since you were young, haven't you quarrelled with your sisters numerous times and made up with them later? If you could forgive your sisters each time after a quarrel, then why can't you accept the brothers and sisters, who are learning under the same Master and who hold the same ideals as you? Everyone is trying to learn!" Oh! Master! Then I understood, no matter what, this group was my family! My heart was relieved, and I felt so good!

I recalled that the last time I attended the seven-day retreat in San Di Men, I saw that there were lots of round pebbles of all sizes. A brother initiate said, "I hear that these stones fell down from the mountain above. They originally were very rough, with sharp edges and corners, but when the rainy season came, water flushed on them and made them tumble around and bump against each other. As the years went by, they all became smooth and round." When I heard that, I thought that how I could ever leave this fortunate spiritual group where Master, the Holy Mother, took care of us constantly. With Master's love, teaching and guidance, and by practicing with my brothers and sisters and by learning with them, I knew that this would be the best home for me to learn and grow! My heart was blooming with happiness again!


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