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News 142, While on the Path

The True Meaning of Life

By sister-initiate Sheila, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
(originally in English)

After returning from the 2002 Christmas retreat in Florida, there was nothing more that I wanted to do than stay home and enjoy my inner bliss. However, my karma called, and after just one day I was back in the 'real' work-a-day world. As I was grocery shopping on the way home from work, I passed two men with a video camera. They invited me to play a game, which involved choosing a piece of paper from a hat and answering the question on it. My question was: "What is the meaning of life?" I answered, "That's easy. The meaning of life is to find God, to become One with God."

I thought no more about it until about a week later, when someone approached me and said they had seen my question-and-answer session aired as a kind of commercial on local television. For the following two weeks, I continued to receive similar comments from many people who had seen the interview (friends, co-workers, students and even a stranger on the street), as it was apparently being aired several times a day at different hours, along with other interviews.

People's reactions to the interview were varied. Some felt that the question about the meaning of life would be very difficult for them to answer, but most (even my 'non-religious' siblings) said that they thought the answer I had given was absolutely right. This made me feel that people, especially as they get older, feel the presence of God, even if they are so-called non-believers.

Moreover, this experience made me realize how much my life has changed through the practice of the Quan Yin Method and the teachings of our beloved Master. Before initiation, I was not at all clear about the meaning of life, which caused me a lot of confusion and suffering. Now, the most difficult question in life is the easiest since the Quan Yin Method not only offers the wisdom of a perfect answer but also the ever-present guidance of a living Master on our journey back to God.


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