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*The Love Ocean Arts Center Opens in Taipei

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The Love Ocean Arts Center Opens in Taipei

[Taipei] In the past, due to a continuous increase in the number of fellow practitioners attending group meditation in Taipei and the difficulty of renting a suitable venue, the Taipei Center frequently had to find new sites to hold meditation sessions. However, through Master's blessings and the joint efforts of local fellow initiates, a new meditation venue named the Love Ocean Arts Center in the city's Da-an District recently became a reality. A joyful inauguration ceremony for the Center took place on April 27, 2003. The Center has an indoor court of approximately 1650 square meters and incorporates a multi-functional arts plaza, a spiritual information center, a meditation area and a commercial mall with a spiritual book shop, a food booth and Celestial Clothes/ Celestial Jewelry showrooms. The Center is open every day except Sunday.

On the Center's opening day, contact persons brother Loh and sister Huang invited a resident representative from Hsihu to participate in a simple, warm and solemn inaugural ceremony. At the inauguration, the Taipei members of the Quan Yin Family were filled with Master's love and happiness as they also enjoyed musical performances and a sumptuous lunch of vegetarian delicacies, content in the knowledge that they at last had established their own "home."

Most memorable for Taipei initiates were Master's blessings conveyed by the local contact person during group meditation a few months earlier. When Master received the construction blueprints for the new venue, She personally telephoned the contact person to express Her congratulations, saying, "I'm very pleased that you have found such a good place for the new Taipei Center. I am really so happy for you. Congratulations! The project you sent me is very good, excellent, and you may carry it out! The new venue and its construction will surely have my blessings. Congratulations again!" Meanwhile, sister Huang, who was beside the telephone, strongly felt the great love and blessings coming from Master as She spoke.

Thank You, Master! We believe and sincerely pray that Your grace will bring prosperity to the Taipei Love Ocean Arts Center and to all the other centers around the world.

Address of the Love Ocean Arts Center:
B1, No. 5, Lane 30, Alley 78, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Road, Da-An District, Taipei, Formosa
Tel.: +886-2-27066168 • +886-2-27062628
E-mail: tpe.light@msa.hinet.net


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