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News 54, Center Events

The Heavenly Rainbow Garden

By A Resident Disciple, Hsihu Center, Formosa

Master always hoped to have a place in the Center for children to play in - a place where happy, joyful and positive things are represented.

After the completion of the Dragon Boat Lake Park, Master began to plan the children’s dream heaven — the Rainbow Garden. Fellow initiates and the resident disciples at Hsihu would help with the construction.

It started when Master saw the metal air vents on the top of the Dragon Boat Lake Park. She said, "If these metal vents were painted different colors, they would become windmills." Not long after that, we had colorful windmills.

Master also designed the stone stools placed over the air vents to protect them. Fellow practitioners can sit on them to meditate. They are both practical and extremely beautiful.

A few days later, Master told us that we could paint the path in the Rainbow Garden different colors, then it would look like a rainbow when viewed from above. That is how the Rainbow Path came into being, and Master named the place "The Rainbow Garden."

Even the washrooms in the Rainbow Garden are colorful ones. They just might be the only washrooms in the world at the moment that are so colorful! This is also one of Master’s creative ideas, so that the children find it interesting even when they go to the washroom.

There were piles of sand bags lying at the roadside, which no one knew what to do with. Master said, "Pile these sand bags up so that children can have fun climbing up and down." She also gave instructions for the sand bags to be painted in various colors and patterns, which resulted in the present, unique playing apparatus. It is simple, safe and fun. It also solved the problem of the unused sand bags. Master said, "The sand bags can still be used if there is a need for them in the future." That really was Master’s magical power — one thing, many uses!

There were many stones scattered around the Rainbow Garden. Master personally gave instructions to "clothe" them with colorful art work. After it was done, it looked as if many precious stones had emerged from the ground in the garden, giving people a new, fresh impression. Also, after Master’s instruction to spray colorful designs on the dull looking gravel, the appearance of the garden was enhanced even more.

The stone animal figures in the garden were originally to be bought from outside. Because nothing suitable could be found, Master said, "We can make what we want ourselves!" Then, throughout the process of making the iron frames, weaving the wire mesh, putting on the cement, coating them with paint, and adding the finishing art work touches, Master was on hand to oversee. She even painted some of the animals Herself.

When the project was completed, various cute and unique looking animals were "born." Not only is the dinosaur not scary, it is charming. The pig is lovely, and the deer is handsome. Indeed, they look as if they are animals from heaven.

Discarded tires were picked from local car repair shop and painted in bright colors for swings and sand dune protecting fence.

Master said, "There should not be any black color in the Rainbow Garden." She gave special instructions for the tires near the sand play areas to be painted, and did not say whether white or light brown sand should be used. This was the one detail She wanted the disciples to decide for themselves. However, Master was greatly disappointed because the disciples used black sand, which has been changed to white after Master’s correction.

Master said, "Even without spending much money, as long as we make an effort, we still can let children have great fun."


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