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A New Spiritual Lighthouse in France

[Alsace] French initiates recently purchased a farm in the Alpine region in northeastern France neighboring Germany and Switzerland, which will serve as their group meditation center. The farm is nestled against a scenic backdrop of towering peaks, and is easily accessible via a small but bustling commercial town in the area.

In January of this year, initiates from France, Germany and Switzerland, along with new local initiates gathered for a two-day retreat on the farm. With Master’s blessings, we had a happy time in this beautiful and comfortable mountain resort. The shining, white snow and the serene atmosphere that prevailed made the center an ideal place for meditation. For those of us who had come from metropolitan areas, the experience was all the more impressive. The fresh air made us feel as though we were in the Himalayas, bringing to mind Master’s experiences in Her courageous and determined search for God and the Truth.

During breaks from meditation, we shared pleasant memories of our time with Master in 1999. That year, Master came to Balsen, Switzerland before embarking on Her European lecture tour. These happy thoughts remain indelibly etched in our minds, inspiring us to share the Truth and to hold more retreat activities. Thank You, Master, for giving us this opportunity to meditate together in peace, harmony, love, and compassion.


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