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Paradise in New Jersey

The 40-acre New Jersey Center is located in the mountainous northwestern part of New Jersey, U.S.A., about two hours' drive from New York City. When spring comes to the Center, flowers in resplendent colors welcome us. In the fall, the leaves turn red and the mountains put on a golden coat. And when the cold winter sets in, the falling snow creates a different kind of scenery.

The harmonious atmosphere at the Center attracts numerous wild animals, and it is not unusual to see them moving among the trees. Bears are our most frequent visitors. Deers and their new-born fawns also stroll by occasionally, as do other wild animals.

Master purchased this site for the New Jersey Center in the winter of 1990. Since then, She has stayed there briefly on several occasions. In 1992, under Her guidance, the meditation hall was expanded and a parking lot built in the woods in a very short period of time. However, it was not until these two jobs were accomplished at God's speed that we realized Master was using the occasion to awaken and make use of our infinite potential. Thank You, Master, for everything You have done to help us grow up.

In 1999, Master visited the Center again, and said that She wanted a perfect spiritual environment for the initiates. Out of loving and compassionate concern, She sent a dozen resident disciples from the Florida Center to help with the construction project; and together we built a new forest meditation hall and created more parking space in the woods without cutting any trees.

We built a stream, later named the "River of Love", symbolizing Master's endless flow of love for all sentient beings. A fountain called the "Wisdom Eye" was also erected to remind us to focus inwardly. Each time disciples come for weekly group meditation or a retreat, they are surprised by the new scene at the Center.

Our center plays an important role in providing spiritual resources, including video, book and magazine services, to fellow initiates. It also supports activities held by other centers, such as video seminars, weekly group meditation sessions, and two-day retreats on important occasions. The New Jersey Center is a lighthouse beaming out Master's teachings to people in the northeastern part of America. And through Her blessing, the Light and the Truth will continue to be transmitted to people in the area.

As the Chinese saying goes, "It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to tutor people." After 12 years, the trees at the Center have grown tall and strong. But through Master's blessings, fellow initiates do not need a hundred years for spiritual attainment! We owe it all to Master for teaching us this wonderful method of gaining immediate enlightenment. The New Jersey Center is indeed a paradise bestowed by God, and we welcome all members of the Quan Yin family to visit us!


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