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*Marulan Initiates Joyfully Celebrate the Opening of a New Center
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Marulan Initiates Joyfully Celebrate
the Opening of a New Center


[Marulan] On August 29, 2003, initiates from Marulan invited friends and neighbors to commemorate the grand opening of their freshly painted, spacious and beautiful new center with a delicious vegetarian feast. And soon after the opening, a group of initiate-handymen converted a double garage at the center into a meditation hall with a large lounge attached. In addition, eight temporary shower stalls with water storage tanks were built, and the meditation hall, entrance, campsites, kitchen, showers, toilets and other areas were brilliantly illuminated with electric lights, adding to the venue’s warmth and welcoming ambiance.

Then, thanks to the assistance of brothers and sisters from the Sydney and Canberra Centers, the place was ready for a two-day opening retreat, which began on Saturday, September 13. The Center’s subsequent Moon Festival celebration was a wonderful way to round off the grand opening activities, as adults and children alike reveled in a blessed atmosphere of beauty and happiness, content with presents in hand, and satisfied by an enjoyable entertainment program.


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