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News 138, Group Meditation

2002 European Retreat
Continuous Surprises at the New Budapest Center

In the early summer of 2002, Hungarian initiates bought a tranquil little farm on the Hungarian Great Plains. The property is very conveniently located and boasts electricity and a practically unlimited supply of drinkable water pumped from a 60 meter deep well. The soil is very fertile, and thus excellent for agriculture. The farm originally had one brick, one adobe and a few wooden buildings.


After purchasing the farm, the initiates took six weeks to convert it into a meditation center with completely new electrical and water systems that can support retreats for many hundreds of people. The meditation hall is basically a roof structure made of three layers of reed supported by locust wood pillars. It gives good protection against both sun and rain (it was tested for both during a recent retreat). The initiates have also begun to build a main building. During the retreat this building was used as the kitchen, cafeteria and bookstore. Aside from these major construction projects, Hungarian initiates have also started many other undertakings, such as fixing the dirt road leading to the center, weeding, and building a large water reservoir (which can be converted into a swimming pool in the future).

The new Budapest Center was planned to be the site for the four-day European Retreat held from August 15 — 18, 2002 so the initiates had a deadline by which to complete its construction. At some points the task seemed very daunting. But with Master’s blessing and the collective hard work of disciples from all over Europe, they finally made it. Day by day, the site slowly began to take the shape of a meditation center, and by August 15 it was ready for the retreat. Everyone knew that this miracle was possible only due to Master’s blessing.

More than 200 disciples from 20 European countries attended the retreat, which began at 4:00 a.m. on the 15th. For a number of disciples, it was their first major retreat, and the serene atmosphere of the Center helped them have a wonderful meditation experience, as many reached new spiritual heights.

Then on the third day came a great surprise, the climax of the retreat: Master held a live videoconference with the disciples at the retreat! For some, it was their first chance to talk to Master directly. Since the Center does not have a fast Internet connection, a lecture hall was rented at a nearby university for the conference, and all disciples were taken there by bus. When Master’s elegant image appeared on the screen, and Her charming voice was transmitted via the microphone, everyone was ecstatic!

Master was more beautiful than ever! The conference lasted for 45 minutes, and Master answered various questions from the disciples. Everyone felt greatly touched by Master’s love. Although the retreat officially ended at noon on August 18, many disciples stayed at the Budapest Center for several more days, and had a relaxed, joyful party on the evening of the 18th, enjoying many fun performances by fellow disciples.


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