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Report from the United Kingdom

Precious Spiritual Lessons Learned through Selfless Service

By the Surrey News Group

[Surrey] The Surrey Center has been in operation for ten years, and recently local initiates realized the need to expand due to an increasing number of members, especially during monthly retreats, as well as a growing interest in spiritual practice among Surrey residents. Thus, through Master's wise, loving guidance, a newly refurbished Surrey Center officially opened on November 21, 2004 to provide spiritual information for local residents and a two floor meditation area. The Center's new information area is open to the public six days a week, and is staffed by local initiate volunteers.

The reception room at the Surrey Center

The Center's ground floor was originally a video shop that has now been renovated and converted into a meditation hall and reception room. It took two months of concerted effort and devotion from local sisters and brothers, with everyone giving their time, energy and love to transform what was originally a run down space into a beautifully restored meditation venue displaying Master's paintings and Celestial Lamps. In the front reception room, which provides the public with direct entry from the street, visitors can watch Master's videos, read Her publications and talk with initiates about meditation practice.

As the work on the new Center progressed, Master's power continuously guided and directed the initiates at every stage. For example, each time they considered taking a shortcut or "doing it the easy way" to save time, money or energy, the sisters and brothers would be reminded inwardly of Master's constant attention to detail and emphasis on perfection. It was as though what everyone was doing physically in terms of attention, care and devotion to the project was a reflection of his or her spiritual level. Through this process, decisions and ideas flowed smoothly and naturally because all the volunteers worked together wholeheartedly, putting love into their efforts and letting Master's power lead the way. And as it turned out, the initiates discovered that while functioning in this manner, many obstacles were overcome perfectly as if by accident! Thus, the layout of the rooms, doors and windows, the positioning of lights, the color of the walls and so on all ended up in perfect balance and harmony, being far better than was originally expected or imagined. From this experience the initiates came to realize how Master's power works best when we are dedicated and work together without calculating too much with the mind.

The Center's meditation hall

The Surrey initiates offer their deepest gratitude to Master for giving them this opportunity to learn together and share Master's love with the greater community. And now that the Golden Age is upon us, there is a greater need than ever to serve and share with others and thus spread Master's unconditional blessings through our efforts, as She always does for us.


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