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News 143, The Sentient World of Animals

The Story of a Vegetarian Cat — Little Bighead

Narrated by sister-initiate Liu Meiyun, Taipei, Formosa
Recorded by sister-initiate Shi Ruichun
(Originally in Chinese)

Can a cat be vegetarian? Most veterinarians would say, “That’s impossible. I’ve never heard of it. A cat would rather die than be a vegetarian!” However, Sister Liu has an amazing little cat named Bighead that is strictly vegetarian, refusing to touch any food that smells of flesh, or even vegetarian “meat.” Below are some wonderful episodes about this unusual feline.

God must have arranged for sister Liu to meet Bighead. After her initiation, sister Liu did not keep pets, because she had to maintain a vegetarian diet and did not like the odor of animals. Then one day, she moved into a new home. After settling in, she found a small, scrawny wild cat on the stairs of her apartment building, and for a few days put out a plate of milk and crackers for the cat.

Sister Liu teaches English at home, and one day before class began, the hairless little cat followed her students into her apartment. However, sister Liu, who loves cleanliness, did not want to keep the animal and sent her away. That night, some fellow initiates came to sister Liu’s home for group meditation, and someone suggested that she adopt the helpless feline. The following day, when sister Liu saw the cat on the stairs, she opened the door and spoke to her, saying, “If you want to live with me, you have to be vegetarian like me.” Then she began to count from one to ten and decided that she would close the door if the little cat did not come in before she finished counting. But when she reached eight, the cat unhurriedly walked in and thereafter became a member of her family.

What exactly does Bighead eat? I am sure everyone must be very curious about that! Bighead eats cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, papayas, persimmons, apples, pears, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, vegetarian meat floss, crackers and even potted golden pothos. She especially loves cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts and sweet and sour food. Even now, new items are being added to her menu! Another thing that deserves special mention is that Bighead prefers a light diet. She refuses vegetarian food that has a smell resembling that of flesh. It is incredible! We know that a cat has no molars, so how does Bighead chew her food? Sister Liu chews the food first and then places tiny morsels, each time no bigger than a mung bean, on her palm to feed the cat. Each meal takes as long as an hour. In the beginning, Bighead was unable to control her jaws well and her teeth would scratch sister Liu’s fingers, but now the clever cat has learned to lick her food and not hurt her master. From this we can see that animals too have feelings and can be very understanding.

When sister Liu took Bighead to the vet for the first time, the animal was very defensive and fierce. By the third time, however, she had become meek and quiet, and was very cooperative. At first the vet did not believe cats could be vegetarian, but later he laughed and said that Bighead would soon be “enlightened,” and through this incident became acquainted with Master’s teachings. Under careful treatment, the hairless cat began to grow fur again, and because of her vegetarian diet, does not possess the animal odor that pets usually do.

Bighead is a spiritual “Quan Yin” cat. She moves around quietly among the initiates when they come for group meditation, and after meditation, one of the brothers often finds Bighead sitting motionless on his knees, just as though she is meditating. When the initiates are preparing to leave after each meditation session, she sits on the cushion of every one for a while in order to get blessings. Bighead is also sister Liu’s alarm clock. Every morning, the cat wakes her up to remind her that it is time for meditation!

Since she began to eat vegetarian food, Bighead has become mild in temperament and has a pleasant demeanor, which makes her popular among both adults and children. However she is sensitive, too. She hides herself when strangers come but rushes out to welcome initiates. When sister Liu’s students come for class, she hides, but when initiates’ children come to her home, she plays with them and lets them caress her. What a lovely cat!

Bighead lives a happy, carefree life at sister Liu’s home, where she enjoys skating on the clean floor and somersaults when she is alone. Sister Liu has learned the virtues of love and patience from Bighead, and now understands that all animals have spirituality within, the only difference being that they speak different languages. Bighead is another testimony to the fact that pets can be vegetarian, which makes them healthier and gives them prettier coats of fur. (Please refer to “Timely Vegetarian Diet Saves Dogs,” News magazine No. 134.) Do you want to have a try at sister Liu’s lifestyle? Perhaps your pet will be the next happy vegetarian cat or dog!


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