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News 169, Letter between Master and Disciples

A Goldfishes’ Message for Master

By sister-initiate Phenix, Vienna Center, Austria
(Originally in German)

Dear Master,

On the occasion of Your birthday, I would like to wish You all the best on behalf of the animals whose lives You are saving. They wish Master a long life, good health and all good things in every aspect!

Actually it was about two years ago that a gold fish asked me to thank You for Your compassionate mission of encouraging a vegetarian lifestyle. Here is the story about him:

After You started talking about how to speak to animals, I also tried to communicate with them by sending them love and mental pictures, and due to Your blessing it actually works. So I started talking to different kinds of animals, and I became much more sensitive to their feelings and needs. One evening we were at a sister-initiate’s place that has this aquarium with several gold fish. When I looked at one of the fish, I found that he was very upset. He was swimming around nervously with his big angry eyes almost bulging out of his face. So I asked him what was the matter and he started pouring his heart out to me. He told me that before he and the other gold fish had been in a restaurant and that they were next to another aquarium with bigger fish in it, like trout and lobsters, that were kept to be killed and served to the guests. He said that they were so big and beautiful, but one by one they had been killed, often right before his eyes, and then fried. He said it was just terrible that he had to watch this horrible slaughter every day, and he could not understand how human beings could do this to his kin. He told me that fish are actually very kind creatures and invisibly connected with each other, and that if you were friends with even just one fish, all the fish would love you and protect you when you were out at sea. He also said that gold fish are some kind of guardian species among the fish. He continued to say that some time ago there was another gold fish in the aquarium but it had died, and that sometimes he and the other fish got scared, because the sister’s little son played too loud music close to the aquarium. He said that he loves the sister who is the practitioner best of all, because she is very kind and gentle.

To calm him down, I told him that not all human beings kill and eat animals and that I, for instance, do not eat any fish, or any other animals, because I love them. I told him that I had a spiritual Master who had taught me to do so, and that She was encouraging people to become vegetarian and be compassionate and loving towards animals and all life. He then said that this was indeed a very, very good thing to do, and he sincerely thanked You and wished You all the best. He asked me to tell You that all the fish love You for what You are doing for them and all the other animals.

To my amazement, the gold fish then told me that he also had some sort of Master, a beautiful, radiant golden fish that was teaching him and the other fish many things. It then occurred to me that because the sister who owns the fish is a practitioner, Your transformation body even takes care of her fish, teaching them in the form of a beautiful golden Master Fish!

When I happened to come back to the sister’s place the next day, I found that the little fish had become much calmer. Another gold fish, who seemed to be his wife or girlfriend, also told me that she was very happy for him, because he was feeling much better after I had told him about You and Your compassionate teachings of respect for all life and vegetarianism. Afterwards the sister who owns the gold fish confirmed that it was really true that one of the fish had died, that the aquarium had previously been in her husband’s meat restaurant, and that there had been another aquarium with trout, lobsters, etc. next to it.

This is the story of the gold fish and the message he asked me to convey to You, Master! Thank You for Your limitless love and compassion for all beings in the universe, and thank You for letting us have a part in this wonderful miracle of love!

With deep love and gratitude, sister-initiate Phenix, Vienna Center, Austria, on behalf of the gold fish and the other animals.


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