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News 92, Vegetarian Era

Diet For Your Pets, Feed Them And Help Them Elevate
Vegetarian Pets, the Latest Trend

By sister-initiate Zheng Xiao-Xuan, Taipei, Formosa
(Originally in Chinese)

You may not be aware that there are growing numbers of vegetarian dogs and cats today. A wide assortment of vegetarian food for pets is now available in the market. However, you may be skeptical: Is a vegetarian diet healthy for pets? The answer is: it absolutely is. Dogs and cats that have been on a vegetarian diet for some time not only become healthier but also develop a greater immunity to diseases and are less likely to get infections. Their coats become soft, shiny and fluffy, and they are more gentle, calm and peaceful.

Is it difficult switching pets to a vegetarian diet? Not at all! Information from books and the Internet, as well as surveys we have conducted indicate that some basic knowledge and the right diet for your pets is all you need to eliminate their dependence on canned food — “junk food” made of meat from dead animals, or dogs or cats put to sleep by injection; organs and skins of sick animals; seasoning and color pigments. Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrate Health Institute, pointed out that malnutrition and excessive intake of chemicals contained in animal food are the cause for the high proportion of blind pets. So be cautious when choosing food for your beloved pets.

General Guidelines For Feeding Pets
With Vegetarian Food

Owners have fed their pets different varieties of vegetarian food, all with excellent results, which indicate that animals quickly adapt to new diets. However, here are some principles that you might find useful.

1. Dogs and cats have a very sharp nose while their taste buds react less quickly, so it is basically unnecessary to add seasoning or salt to their food. Salty foods often cause hair loss.

2. Animals lose their appetite when they are physically unwell. It would be better not to force your pets to eat at this time. Instead, give them large quantities of water, and some wheat grass might help detoxify metabolic waste.

3. Their appetites change according to their physical condition. So, if they suddenly refuse to eat some of their favorite foods, just give them what they want at that time.

4. Usually, it is more important to let pets lose weight than to give them more food.

5. Unrefined foods like whole meal bread and brown rice are of great health value to pets as they are for human beings.

6. Few dogs and cats can resist the temptation of strongly aromatic foods like seaweed, cheese and milk.

7. If possible, try to prepare some fresh vegetables or juices for your pets, because the high nutrition of raw food makes them healthier and more energetic. The enzymes from raw food also helps their digestion and assimilation.

8. You may prepare food like sweet corn that needs chewing and gnawing so that your dogs or cats, which are carnivores, have a chance to grind their teeth. They’ll love it.

9. Except for sticky food like glutinous rice and spicy food like hot pepper, you may feed them virtually any kind of pulse grain and/or vegetable.

10. If you are yet not completely assured, you may buy some vegetarian nutritional supplements for your pets like vegetarian yeast, enzymes or vitamins. However, natural foods are still the best choice.

11. Should you have difficulty converting a carnivorous pet into a vegetarian one, you may employ a gradual approach by reducing its meat intake daily while increasing the proportion of vegetarian food. However, in Yonghe City in northern Formosa, Miss Chen used a “shock treatment” on her dog. No meat was given to the dog even when it refused vegetarian food and it just fasted. Three shock treatments later, her puppy developed a very good appetite and now eats almost anything. In addition to its main staple of sweet corn and cheese, it also loves bean sprouts, vegetable stalks, peanuts, pine nuts, guavas, tomatoes, pears, custard apples and other sweet fruits. Remember, though, to give your pets enough water should they go on a fast.

Field Survey

Located in the eastern district of Taipei is the Tang Tang Kitchen, a locally well-known vegetarian restaurant. The owner has three cats, and had previously cared for six ailing stray cats that she later gave away to other people. When asked how she feeds her cats, she said it is very easy. Just milk, whole meal bread and seaweed are enough for her kitties to grow healthy and chubby. This is all too evident in their soft and shiny fur.

The cat named the Eldest Brother is especially beautiful and often praised by customers as looking “very noble”. “It has been a vegetarian since birth; it gets diarrhea if it eats impure (not pure vegetarian) food,” said the lady owner. “When I took it to get the prophylactic inoculation, the veterinarian was convinced that a kitten would not grow on a vegetarian diet. However, it grew to be so big and strong in six months.” Three years old now, this Eldest Brother shows no sign of senility and remains as charming and lively as a kitty.

The Second Brother lived on meat with its former owner. When it moved to Tang Tang at six months old, it had no difficulty switching to a vegetarian diet; the only noticeable change was that its dry, flaky-like coat became soft and shiny after a few weeks. The Third Brother, a stray cat, adapted to the vegetarian diet most easily. The three of them live with their owner and family in a small apartment in Taipei. Though there is little room for them to move around, they never fight, living in harmony and peace.

Let Your Pets Elevate With You

The writer interviewed several pet owners over the telephone. From their different experiences, I found one point in common: Animals, like man, that adapt to a dietary change, their health and beauty very often come with the vegetarian diet as long as they do not go hungry. I am truly happy for animals; with man’s help, even carnivores can quit eating meat. They can also elevate in the cycle of eternal life. I think this is the most precious help that human beings can give our animal brothers on Earth!

You do not have to feed your pets by following other people’s ways to the word. However, these successful examples may be of some referential value to you. Although this limited space does not allow for a recount of all samples of our survey, there is growing information on related research and findings on vegetarian pets.

1. Those interested may access more information on the following web sites.

2. (Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrate Health Institute, strongly recommends feeding animals with fresh vegetables and fruits daily. For details, please refer to the last chapter of her book, “Be Your Own Doctor — Let Living Food Be Your Medicine” published by Hippocrate Health Institute.)


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