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News 158, Letters between Master and Disciples

The Power of a Wink

By sister-initiate Tárnok Zsuzsanna, Budapest, Hungary
(originally in Hungarian)


Date: 25th March, 2005

Dear Master,

Beyond my wildest dreams, I received a tremendous gift from You--being able to see You again in person.

So far I've been with You three times, the last being five years ago at a retreat, and I consider myself extremely lucky since many initiates have never met You personally. For me, these experiences were enough to last a lifetime as I sparingly use the blessing power derived from these meetings, thanks to God.

Then, on February 22, 2005, on my way to group meditation at the Budapest Center, I was told by a sister-initiate, "There's a special gathering at our countryside center. Come and bring a tent." Although during winter here in Hungary the nighttime temperature can drop to –25o C, which is quite cold for using a tent, my heart nonetheless leaped and I knew intuitively what I had to do. I arrived at the center the next day, and when the fellow initiates told me You were there, I almost could not believe it.

Then on my way to the kitchen I saw You and at that moment You turned around and winked at me. I could not speak so I just smiled widely and felt You recognized me as an old friend and that everything was alright. This casual exchange helped me greatly, and I'll never forget the instant when You gave me that inspiring wink.

During the subsequent days we spent together, You taught me much about myself. And I am especially grateful for the personal changes you suggested to me since by correcting my mistakes You helped me overcome my karma.

I also thank You for the unique night of songs during the retreat, when just like a little nightingale or a mother singing her children to sleep, You sang to us during meditation. It was a wonderful experience--one that I had only seen on videotapes but had always wished for--and I thank You that my wish was fulfilled. You are fantastic, and it was a marvelous experience to sit near You and watch You closely while You went to high dimensions and came back although You were everywhere at the same time. It's difficult to grasp Godhood with our monkey minds, but when we experience it our souls know it and our hearts beat with You.

During the time we spent together You said many times that You love us, and I can only respond, "I love You, too."

I thank You for Your embrace, for the distant kiss You threw to me, for the lollipop You hit me on the forehead with, for many, many eye contacts, for the delicious meals, for the warm care, for the many other wonderful things that I received and for the many opportunities to learn while working. I only hope I can express my gratitude through my spiritual practice and devotion.

Also, I thank God for bestowing on us the great opportunity to be with You. With love and embraces, I hope that You are well.

Your disciple,
Tárnok Zsuzsanna


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