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News 137, Letters between Master and Disciples

Soaring Beyond the Mundane World

By Convenient Method practitioner Steven Ceronie, Johannesburg, South Africa
(originally in English)

The Panorama of Events section of News No.128 contained an article about fellow practitioners from Johannesburg, South Africa sharing Master's teachings at the Leeuwkop Correctional Services facility in May 2001. The gathering resulted in several inmates receiving the Convenient Method. Among them was a would-be initiate, who wrote Master the following letter while he was completing his last few months at Leeuwkop Correctional Services. When he was released from the institution, Master blessed the brother with a job as a male nurse. Below is a letter expressing his sincere prayer and unique experience of Master's great Love, Power and Wisdom.


Date: July 4, 2002

To the Most Divine Lady of the Universe, Supreme Master Ching Hai,

Let us not lead ourselves into temptation, but let us follow in the footsteps of our Beloved Master in loving, in caring, in being kind to others and in helping wherever we can.

One evening I was lying on my cot at the Leeuwkop Correctional Services facility thinking of Master, and I experienced the most divine, joyful dream - or was it a dream? Anyway, a non-initiate would never understand my experience and would probably think that I was out of my mind. I believed what I saw and I even spoke to a Catholic Priest and explained my vision to him. The priest told me that what I experienced was true.

Master, You lifted me out of this world and I soared up above the clouds, far beyond this world. I have never seen such beauty in my life - the beautiful, noble animals and the breathtaking surroundings in the heavenly garden where Master appeared to me.

In the center of my vision stood a throne covered in pearls and diamonds, on which Divine Master Ching Hai sat, smiling beautifully and waiting patiently for me. My words to Master were: "Am I welcome to see You here in this paradise?" "Oh, yes!" Master answered, in a very welcoming manner. I then said to myself, "God, is this true, what I see?" It was like an answer to my prayers. "Yes, Steven, follow the beloved Mother of the Universe and She will guide you and lead you to me and you will be blessed. Only good will come your way as you follow Master." I next asked Master, "Can I please stay here?" "No," Master Ching Hai answered. She went on to say, "Steven, my child, you are not yet ready." And she laughed at me, being somewhat amused and with deep love in her heart. Everything was very pure. I asked Master what I must do to come and stay. She answered, "Become more confident in yourself and do not love only some while detesting others." I thought to myself, "How does Master know all this?" She told me, "Your life was tough with your father and mother; forgive them. You cannot live on with all that hatred in you." I then said, "Thank You, Master. I will try my best." Master smiled and replied, "Don't try; just do it!" So I prayed, "Master Ching Hai, guide me, pray for me!" Once more Master leaned back and laughed Her special laugh.

After that, my mind became clear and I felt very good. I got down on my knees and forgave my father and then said, "Thank You, Master, for Your guidance and assistance. I believe in You. God bless You! I know that Your love for me will never die."

I am now a new person thanks to the Divine Master Ching Hai!

Steven Ceronie,
Leeuwkop, South Africa


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