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News 114, Spiritual Correspondence Between Master and Disciples

Before and After Initiation

By sister initiate Zheng, Mainland China
(originally in Chinese)


Dear Master,

I was newly initiated in March of this year and have had many wonderful experiences since then. I can feel Master's compassionate and loving concern, and a tremendous difference in my life before and after initiation.

For four or five days immediately after my initiation, my foster mother suddenly began to show great concern for me, and talked to me in a gentle voice that I had not heard for many years. I could hardly believe my ears! For the past twenty-seven years, we had hated each other and quarreled fiercely. And now, why were we suddenly treating each other so nicely? The strangest thing was that, on the day of my initiation, I went home with a light and agile step, as if walking on clouds, while my foster mother greeted me with a smiling face. During the next few days, I found to my astonishment that she, who had previously given little thought to other people's feelings, was concerned about whether I was tired at work, and even offered to prepare meals for me. Because I had previously insisted on using a separate pan when cooking, she often criticized me for being too fastidious and unreasonable. However, after I was initiated, she took special care not to use her chopsticks to pick up vegetables from my dish after she had eaten meat. This enormous change was incredible! Master's power is inconceivably great. My foster mother was selfish and stubborn for many years, but now she has begun to care about people. Nothing but God's power could have changed her!

Now she also lets me meditate when it is time and promises not to disturb me. She even allows me to lock the door to my room while I am meditating. For years, she had never let me bolt the door and would enter whenever she liked, causing my heart to pound fiercely. However, immediately after I received initiation from Master, she changed completely. Now she smiles all day long. Perhaps not even she herself knows why she is so happy. She used to express interest when I read Master's teachings or played Her audiotapes. Now she asks about the latest news regarding Master, which of course I am more than willing to share with her. Most probably, her Inner Master has been awakened!

In the past, my strategy with my foster mother was an eye for an eye. I ignored her the way she ignored me, and was very stubborn. But during the few days after my initiation, I was constantly filled with bliss. One day, when I returned home from work, I saw her sitting in the dark looking very lonely. I was shocked; for the first time I felt empathy for her. Since she had hardly received any love in her life, naturally, she had little love to share with others. Master, I only came to understand her sorrow after bathing in Your love. I suddenly noticed how lonely she was. Just like children, elderly people also need concern, love, and the chance to chat with people.

Before I was initiated, my heart was closed and I thought only of others' negative qualities. But now I think in a new way: "I must treat her well. She is very old now and I am her support. From now on, I must care for her. Master has said that to love each other is to care for each other. One must open one's heart so that another party can come into the embrace of this cordial atmosphere." I have become enlightened! My foster mother and I are now on very good terms with each other. Now that Master has cleansed our karma from many lifetimes, we feel free and relaxed. Our considerate Master has opened up the hearts of two people and washed away their inner hatred with the current of bliss!

Regarding inner experiences, I had a very good experience during my initiation; four or five times, I saw spots of light grow into brilliant spheres and dazzle me. When contemplating the Sound, I heard loud claps of thunder, as if I were surrounded by an army charging forward. It was really soothing. Since then, I have been blessed with similar experiences. Sometimes, I can see the light when I am meditating on the Sound. I have good experiences in both Light and Sound meditation; contemplation of the Sound comforts and refreshes me, as though I have taken a shower.

On the third or fourth day after my initiation, I saw a beautiful lady dressed in white gliding into flowering bushes and finally coming to rest on a flower blossom. I am not sure if it was a vision or a dream. But I know She was Master, because She was very radiant, and I woke up feeling refreshed and elated. Several days later, I fell asleep after meditation. (Master said that we stay in a meditative state if we meditate before turning in.) I dreamt that I was studying in class and the teacher asked me to write on the blackboard. I went up to the front of the class and needed only to shift the blackboard a little to begin writing. However, I deliberately knocked it over to catch the attention of the whole class, and I felt satisfied. Suddenly, these words sounded distinctively in my ears, "Are you so eager to show yourself off?" The message of this remark was crystal clear, and I realized I had to rectify myself. It was the Inner Master giving me a warning. Since I had left myself completely in the hands of Master, She was trying to edify me, and I realized it immediately.

On another day, I dreamt that Master was sitting beside me. I could not remember what She said, but She massaged my stomach and, at once, my vital energy began to flow smoothly. Master then handed me a beautiful gift, which made me cry. I thought to myself, "Master, You really pamper me too much." Master, I have many experiences, both big and small. I wonder from which lifetime I acquired the blessing that led me to You, so that I could follow You to practice spiritually. I am so contented! Before my initiation, I quit eating meat just after reading Master's sample booklet, and on that very night, I heard the inner Sound of a bell. On another occasion, I saw Master's eyes moving in a photograph. I dreamt that She hugged me, and my body disappeared. I also saw very bright light in a peach-shaped heart. I really have lots of experiences. Master, I love You very much!



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