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News 126, Letter between Master and Disciple

Thank You So Much for Coming into My Life

By would-be initiate brother Dejeumo Patrick, Johannesburg, South Africa
(originally in French)


Dear venerable Master Ching Hai,

You have transformed my life so beautifully that I can hardly find words to express my inner feelings. Your great wisdom, infinite love and teachings have made me a new person, and my view of life has changed tremendously. I pray that the Highest God will bestow longevity on You, so that You can lead more people toward wisdom, the Light, and the path of eternal liberation.

For a very long time, dear Master, I have been praying to God to guide me on to the right path. Hes answered me by bringing me to You. Indeed, You are God's gift to us sentient beings!

Dear Master, forgive me for writing such a long letter, because I want very much to let You know how the Father guided me to You, and how You have come into my life.

Born into a religious family, I thought little about God until my father's death, which changed everything. I often missed my father and kept asking myself, "Where is he now? Is he all right? Is he suffering any pain?" My father was an only son, so after his death, everyone seemed to discard our family. Each night, I spent a long time gazing into the unfathomable sky, and the stars above seemed to tell me, "He is somewhere in the sky."

As the eldest son of the family, I often wondered whether I could bring real "felicity" to my family. Each time this thought came into my mind, I would have a sleepless night. Finally, I started praying sincerely, and decided to put myself in God's hands, and let Hirm guide me toward the path of Truth and take care of everything for me.

After graduating from the university with a degree in information technology, I stayed in my country, Cameroon, to work. Each time I encountered difficulties and felt worried, I would pray to God and ask Hirm to help me solve my problems. I went to church to pray every Sunday, and participated in church activities. However, I failed to feel contented, so I stopped going to church after a while. Nevertheless, I continued to pray at home and study the Bible, hoping to find answers to all kinds of doubts in my heart.

Later, I left Cameroon for South Africa, and before my departure prayed to God, "Oh! Father! My life belongs to You and I have entrusted myself in You. I will comply with Your will. Please guide me Home." When I arrived in Johannesburg, I stayed with a family of Quan Yin practitioners. Their way of life touched me deeply and I received much mental support and love from them. Later they gave me the sample booklet, The Key of Immediate Enlightenment, but I did not read the booklet immediately.Three weeks later, I discussed the Bible with one of the practitioners and was quite amazed by his understanding of the scriptures. His elaboration totally coincided with the world I had been seeking. When I asked him how he came to know so much, he replied, "Dear Patrick, the Quan Yin Method helps me to know a lot of things." Pointing at Your photo, he said, "This Lady has been sent to us by God. You left Cameroon most probably because of the Quan Yin Method, and not because of your career in the computer information sector." I went home and immediately began to read the sample booklet and made cross references to the Bible.

After reading the sample booklet, I was absolutely awed by Your great wisdom and love, because I had not expected that anyone on Earth could possibly elaborate on the Truth in such a pure and incisive way. When reading the chapter entitled "Why People Must Be Vegetarian," I could feel the pain that the meat-eating diet inflicts on animals, and was so ashamed that I cried. I repented and begged for God's forgiveness, and vowed that I would never eat meat again. I decided to follow Your teachings, which are very correct, pure and virtuous. Since then, I have been observing a vegetarian diet. I also prayed more and more frequently; on the first two days of each month, I fasted and prayed incessantly, begging God to guide me towards the Truth.

Four months later, I made the acquaintance of a very cordial friend. One day, when we were having a hearty chat, he suddenly said to me, "You know what, Patrick? You are glowing!" At that moment, I realized that God had answered my prayers. Through Your teachings, Hes had brought Light into my life. No doubt the Quan Yin Method is the answer to all my perplexities. On the following Saturday, I began practicing the Convenient Method, and am now waiting for the Quan Yin messenger to conduct an initiation in my area.

Dear revered Master, I again beg You to forgive me for this lengthy letter, but I really want You to know how You have changed my life. Because of You, I have been able to join this school of divine love and wisdom. For a long time, I had encountered misfortune, and the hardships of life left me in fear and confusion. It is You who have brought back my smile and given me inner peace. Throughout my life, I have never felt so peaceful; I feel as if I have been born anew, and am embarking on a new life.

But one thing that puzzles me is that, each time I take up the Bible to read it, I shed tears uncontrollably. I have difficulty attending to worldly matters, because my mind is fully occupied by thoughts of God. I only have Hirm and You on my mind. Every day, I read Your News magazines, study the Bible, and gaze at Your photos. I can never stop thanking You for becoming my Master. Besides, I often voluntarily contribute money and clothing to the needy, because I want very much to help others.

Dear revered Master, now I know that it was for the Quan Yin Method that I left Cameroon. I need Your divine love and wisdom to find my way back to the Heavenly Kingdom, and to help all suffering people. During all my time in Cameroon, I thought, "I do not live for myself, but for other people." Therefore, I often dream that I can be just like You, and become an Enlightened Master to disseminate the teachings of Truth. Please help me realize my dream. Thank You very much, Supreme Master Ching Hai! Thank You for coming into my life!

Your disciple,
Dejeumo Patrick


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