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News 106, Letter between Master & Disciple

Lord Vishnu and Master

By sister-initiate Venodh Premdeo, Durban, South Africa
(originally in English)


On the night of April 23, 1999, Master appeared in my dream. In the dream (at the spiritual level) Master appeared to effortlessly float in a beautiful blue sky, reminding me of the Hindu God - Lord Vishnu (I was born into the Hindu religion).

She appeared dressed in a long, light gray robe, with Her long, black hair floating against the backdrop of the light blue sky. In one hand She held a spinning discus (like Lord Vishnu) and welcomed me to the spiritual network. She did this by showing me my connection to the higher regions with a whitish silver umbilical cord ascending into the heavens. This, She said, was the connection to the Sound Current.

Ever since that experience, whenever I am in a silent environment, just before falling off to sleep, or on awakening from sleep, I clearly hear the Sound Current. This indicates the Supreme power of Master in granting me a permanent Connection and continued guidance.

Thank You, once again, Master, for this constant blessing.

Your humble disciple,

Venodh Premdeo

Durban, South Africa


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