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News 139, Letters between Master and Disciples

Infinite Benefits from a Videoconference

By fellow initiates in Mainland China
(originally in Chinese)


Most beloved and revered Master,

We are Your disciples in Mainland China, and are extremely grateful that You have granted us the opportunity to participate in Your global videoconferences. For many reasons, most of us are unable to see You in person, but we can all feel Your love and blessing power through the conferences. All the initiates in China feel very blissful, and immediately after each conference, we look forward to the next one.

We are especially grateful to You for Your encouragement and Your advice given in a conference with us: "It is hard to endure, but you must endure; it is hard to meditate, but you must meditate; it is hard to enter samadhi, but you must enter samadhi. Gradually, everything will change for the better, and you will naturally have everything. Every day, just look at where you have progressed and what appeals to you. This world is full of filth and has very few diamonds, and that's why we are in such pain. When suffering befalls us, we should remind ourselves that the Buddha and Jesus Christ also had to endure a great deal, and so did many Enlightened Masters of the past and present. The more we practice spiritually, the greater will be our endurance. And then we will be able to go through all kinds of agonies, and remain unwavering in any situation."

The videoconference has brought us infinite benefits. Many of us feel that we have progressed immensely, and have surmounted obstacles that had stood in our path for a long time. Especially immeasurable is the benefit that You have showered on the whole region through Your blessing! We will definitely cherish Master's grace, and practice diligently.

We sincerely hope that Master will stay forever young and beautiful, and that our next meeting with You will not be too far in the future!

We love You forever and forever!

With reverence,

Your disciples in Mainland China


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