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News 120, Letters Between Master and Disciples

Hare Ching Hai, Pure Ocean

By brother initiate Jozsef Feher, Budapest, Hungary
(originally in English)


Dear Master,

When I received a flyer about Your lecture, I felt intuitively that I must be there. I had the feeling that this was what I had been longing for for many years, although I had never heard about You before. I looked forward to the lecture with great anticipation and curiosity. I was waiting for the "Good" and You finally came. I never thought that I would meet someone I had long hoped to see, so I was careful not to be disappointed, because so many people proclaim themselves to be Masters nowadays.

I could feel Your energy during Your lecture and it gave me courage. I arrived home at four the next morning after walking a long distance (as few buses were running at that time of night), but I was not afraid in the empty streets, nor did I become tired. The initiation made me feel great. I continuously recited the Holy Names and have since been blessed with immense happiness.

It seems that I have been waiting for You for a very, very long time. (I wasn't even aware of Your existence before.) And now You are here and I feel I can't ever let You go. I miss You very much in this lifetime. I have read Your sample booklet over and over again. What I felt was beyond compare. As I read volume 1 of "The Key of Immediate Enlightenment," tears came into my eyes many times. I was filled with indescribable happiness while reading, and couldn't put the book down.

I was a Christian during my childhood and an atheist from the 1960s to the 1980s. I had never experienced such spiritual happiness before. Although I have met several masters since 1990, none of them have been able to give me such a wonderful feeling, neither during their initiation nor after. But compared to my atheist worldview, they did give me good things. For years, I have asked God to let me understand - and not misunderstand - Hiers answers to my questions.

I like Your way of thinking, Your eloquence, and the way You answer provocative questions. The clothes You design are elegant and compatibly colored. Those that I saw in the video and photos, and the one that You wore in Budapest were beautiful. You too are very beautiful, both in body and in soul (i. e., thinking). I wish to have a partner who has such qualities as love, peace, knowledge, goodness, and persistence in Truth and knowledge. I want to be like You. I am very happy that I have come into contact with You. I have many of Your photos in my apartment and wear Your pendant. You have a nice, kind, and educated voice. Were You singing about Yourself in the song called "Halleluja"?

I have written a mantra that I want to dedicate to You.

Hare Ching Hai, I love You, Pure Ocean.
Hare Ching Hai, I adore You, Water of Life.
Ching Hai, Ching Hai, I yearn for you, Fire of my Soul.
Hare Hare, Ching Hai, Ching Hai, Hare Hare.

(Note: "Hare" means the joyful energy of the Supreme God.)

I think this is a feeling of oneness, that I am one with You. One can call this the ideal condition, ideal connection, or soul connection. This is probably like a first love. It is blissful, with no selfish interests involved. I will strive to ensure that our connection remains like this or becomes even better, here on Earth and later on the fifth level.

Let's be with God!

Your disciple, Jozsef Feher
Budapest, Hungary



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