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News 125, Letters between Master and Disciples

The Omnipresent Lifeguard

By sister initiate Fengqin, Harry & Hanita Dadswell
(originally in English)


29th May 2001

Dear Master,

I am writing to You to tell You about a miraculous thing that happened yesterday in my life.

It was a very beautiful, sunny day, with clouds like white lotus blossoms floating in the blue sky. It was a perfect day to swim. I had taught my children to swim last year but we had had no opportunity to swim earlier this year, so I decided to take them out to swim.

When it was nearly closing time at the pool I got out of the water. I asked the children to get out too, but they were enjoying it so much that they refused to leave the water. I thought I should stay in the water with them, so I jumped back into the pool.

The three of us were in the deepest end of the pool (two meters deep). After a little while, my son Harry shouted, "Help!" And I swam to him at once. I used one of my arms to swim and helped him with my other arm. Then he grabbed onto my back and pushed my body down into the water. I wanted to tell him, "Don't grab onto my back!" But when I began to speak, water came into my mouth. I had forgotten we were underwater. I swallowed water constantly, while Harry was on my back like a stone. Both of us were sinking together. At this dangerous moment, I remembered You and said, "Namo Ching Hai Wu Shang Shih, help!" in my mind. I didn't need to repeat it a second time, and felt an incredible power pushing my body out of the water with Harry on my back. My hands grabbed the edge of the pool. Our lives had been saved! Language cannot explain my gratitude and love for You.

Thanks, Master!

Love from Fengqin


29th May 2001

Dear Master,

Thank you very much for saving me and my mum's life.

Yesterday mum (Fengqin), my sister (Hanita) and I (Harry) went swimming at Bovey Tracy swimming pool. Suddenly, one of my legs stopped moving and then I caught a cramp, which stopped me from swimming altogether. I then started to sink, making me panic. I called "Help!" but only mum heard me, as the lifeguards continued to talk to each other. I realized I was in the deep end. Mum swam over to me and I grabbed her back to try to get a piggy back ride, but both of us sank. Water started going into my nose and my mum swallowed a lot of water.

Hanita thought we had gone to the toilet, and mum panicked but remembered to repeat Your name. Suddenly, we floated to the surface!

You had saved our lives! Thank you!!

Love from Harry


29th May 2001

Dear Master,

Yesterday, I went swimming with my mum and my brother, Harry.

I was diving and I didn't see Harry's or mummy disappearing. I thought that they had gone to the toilet, but then I saw Harry come up out of the water on mum's back. My mum told me that it was You who had saved her life and Harry’s!

Thank You. If You hadn't saved mum and Harry, I would have been long lost.

Thanks again,
Hanita Dadswell


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