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News 157, Letters between Master and Disciples

Immense Benefits Accrue from Master's Love and Wisdom

By brother-initiate Lie Ay Foek, Jakarta, Indonesia
(originally in English)


Dear Master Ching Hai,

Master, I have been practicing the Quan Yin Method for one year now, and each day that passes I feel spiritually stronger and appreciate more and more Your unyielding efforts to enlighten and give the best to Your disciples. Frankly, I sometimes worry too much for no clear reason and feel lazy about meditating, but somehow due to Your strong being and true love, I manage to overcome this feeling each time it occurs.

I experience Your presence and love within me; not only in the physical world but also in my Heavenly dreams, which have incredibly changed my way of thinking, behaving and living. I feel spiritually transformed in terms of leading a better life for the good of both myself and the people around me.

Master, I'm thankful to know You and Your wisdom. To me it’s a blessing that can’t be explained or expressed vividly in words. And although I haven’t seen You in person, my faith in You grows continuously. Not long ago I was eager to meet You—if there were a chance—but as time went by I realized that I don't have to see You. I just need the faith to trust and believe in You.

As a matter of fact, Your presence and teachings have influenced me, my family and my surroundings in an effective and positive way. Beloved Master Ching Hai, once again my family, relatives, friends and I thank You for Your love and infinite wisdom. May all of us live in peace, and may You have a Happy Golden Year II.

Best Regards,
Ay Foek


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