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News 138, Letters between Master and Disciples

My Joy in Practicing the Quan Yin Method

By brother initiate Elad Jacob, Kumba, Cameroon
(originally in English)


I was fortunate to begin my spiritual practice as far back as 1972, when I began reading books from one spiritual school after another, searching for the ultimate Truth. I also contacted many spiritual Masters around the world through any means possible, and studied with them before and after initiation.

Most often, I found no satisfaction in the teachings of the various schools and spiritual masters that I contacted. This disappointed me greatly and gave me the feeling that something was lacking in my life.

Then, after thirty years of pursuing the Truth, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the Supreme Master Ching Hai by a friend. I quickly began to communicate with the headquarters in Formosa and obtained some information. I also discussed Master's teachings with some brother initiates in Kumba, and was given a chance to be initiated into the Quan Yin Method.

Since my initiation, I have finally found the joy and peace that I had longed for for many years. Now the world appears to me only as a transient and illusory realm. Now, I know myself better, and I know why I am here on Earth. I also know what I have to do and where I am going. Thanks to the Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her gracious presence and guidance in fulfilling my lifelong wish!


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