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News 132, Letters Between Master and Disciples

Thanks for the Gift of Enlightenment

By sister initiate Maria Linda Cannon
(originally in English)


February 13, 2002

Dearest Supreme Master Ching Hai,

Thank You so much for Your love and good wishes to all of us. I am very grateful to the most merciful, almighty God, our Father, for giving You to us as our Master to remind us of our Self, to let us know who we are, and to lead us back to our original Home. It is my desire to live in the Kingdom of God's Holy Will.

I have been very happy and feeling good since I got initiated on June 9, 2001, in Florida, for You have given my family and me so many blessings. You have always answered my prayers. Yesterday, I cried to You in sorrow and asked for Your forgiveness for my past actions, for I recognize myself as nothing before the most merciful, almighty God, Who lives in You. Supreme Master, thank You for coming and speaking to us in the flesh, for coming in human form while being DIVINE at the same time. Thank You for the gift of Enlightenment.

I pray that all my people in the Philippines will be awakened and enlightened. May the peace of God reign in the hearts of all men and women alike, so that we may live in harmony with all of God's creations, including all sentient beings.

Thank You, beloved Master, for loving me as I am and helping me to become enlightened. Help me, Master, to be compassionate to other beings and to all suffering souls.

With Your Love and Thanksgiving.

Maria Linda Cannon


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