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News 115, Spiritual Corrspondence Between Master And Disciples

My Guardian Goddess

By sister initiate Lidia Martinez de Diaz, Panama
(originally in Spanish)


Beloved and respected Master: I want to tell You that, although my inner being was searching for You, and I knew about You since 1990, it was not until September 1999 that I came into spiritual contact with You by visiting one of Your Meditation Centers. At that time, I knew that it was what my soul had been wishing for, so from that moment I decided to become a vegetarian and to give up eating eggs.

I have dreamed a lot of You, and have spent my nights talking with You in my dreams. Your blessings have been transforming my being more and more, day by day, and now I have more love for my husband and six children, three of which I gave birth to and three of which I took as mine because they were from my husband. But I have to tell You that to me, all of them are equal. I love them in the same way, although they have two different mothers. I am telling You this because the best part of all is that You helped me very much the day of my initiation (April 30, 2000).

In 1989, I accidentally met a woman who told me that someone was practicing black magic against me, but as I was a close friend of Jesus and had a lot of faith, they couldn't kill me. However, sometimes I would get sick and I have many back pains. After hearing this, I told the woman that because of this problem I would pray more, which I did, but one Friday after I said my prayers, I had a dream about the person who was practicing black magic against me; I saw her putting a needle in the form of a dagger into my back. This dream was very realistic! After some days I met her and she became very pale; I believe she thought that I had magical power and had interfered in her practice, especially because I told her, "I forgive you for your ignorance, but stop doing that..."

I was searching for God, praying and trying to cultivate myself, but at home there were always problems. Then, one day, I decided to face them, to dress in spiritual and physical warrior's dress, so I did it through my words and actions. I decided to ask for respect from all the people around me, and it took five years, but I achieved success. It was a hard battle but I always felt the help of my angel "Gabriel" and sometimes the presence of Jesus, but mainly I got help from a beautiful lady who talked to me each night. Today I can tell You, Master, that that lady was You, and I thank You for helping me!

Your help is wonderful and great, because when it was announced to me that I would receive initiation on Sunday, April 30, for the whole week beforehand, I began to experience an inner cleansing. I saw plentiful, violet colored lights appearing inside of me each day, at night and in the morning. When my husband and one of my daughters left the house, I had two hours of free time before starting my daily activities, and I experienced five days of intense inner light coming to me through Convenient Method meditation. At the end of each session, the violet light turned into silver light!

On my initiation day, as soon as I began to repeat the Holy Names of God and we meditated on the Light, I experienced a strong pain in my back; it was so strong that I believed I was going to faint, but my thoughts of being a warrior came back to me and You were protecting me, so I straightened my back, repeated the Names and concentrated on my wisdom eye. At that moment, I felt that You were standing at my back and starting to remove the dagger that was buried there, and I felt a sharp pain, but afterwards I felt a lot of relief, I wept a lot, and then suddenly I heard the messenger telling us to start practicing on the Sound. When we began, I started to feel hot in the area of my wound, as if it were starting to get healed. I wish to tell You that on the day of my initiation during the time I listened to the Sound, I also saw the Light and it was wonderful!

Master, I am grateful to You for Your infinite love and help. Thanks for liberating me both physically and spiritually. You are a true Master! I feel that You are Jesus, but this is my secret. I wish the day will come when I can be in physical contact with You, when I can touch You, if You will allow it. Ever since my initiation, I have been able to meditate more than the minimum two and a half hours a day. I feel as if I am on a retreat with You. I have not seen You, but I have listened to You talk to me, and today I listened to You sing the Holy Names while it was raining. What a melodious voice sang at my right side! Thanks for everything! How beautiful everything is, especially when one can feel the divine Love! I am grateful for Your blessings!



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