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Many of the extraterrestrials are very friendly. They just look different so the earth people are frightened of them and sometimes do them harm. That’s a pity. You should not do that. You should leave them alone. And whenever a UFO crash lands on our earth, we should help them as much as possible to repair their vehicles and speed them back home as soon as possible. That will do tremendous good to our planet. In times of trouble, these people will come and help us unconditionally. Otherwise we make enemies for nothing. They are our friends. They are watching the planet just like we have to watch the mountains for landslides or we have to watch some troubled water somewhere in order to prevent disaster. They do not intend to harm us. Those harmful ones are not from the intelligent life. Those harmful ones are from devils, from Satan. It’s a different force altogether.

The UFOs, the aliens are not harmful. They are very, very good people, very intelligent, very advanced. We could use their wisdom and friendship to protect our planet and to advance into a better civilization. Some of the nations make mistakes. Sometimes they like to capture them, make trouble for them, make them die without help, and destroy their craft in the name of science. I don’t think this is a very wise action. I think we should change that and help. We have to love our neighbor, yeah? (Audience: Yes.) It is taught like this, and the alien people are also our neighbors anyhow.

From “Extraterrestrials Are Our Good Neighbors”
News 53, Infinite Space
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa
June 10, 1995
(originally in English) Videotape No. 479

In the old times, we already had UFOs. An Au Lac boy, who is supposed to have come from an alien planet, used an UFO to defeat some of our old time enemies. The evidence is still left until now in Au Lac. From what we read we know this is a kind of UFO.

They described it in the old times as a very great steel horse glowing with light and fire. (Audience laughs.) And whenever it landed, it made a hole, a very big circle (Master laughs) on the earth, which has become a very round lake; or just a very wide circle, without anything.

And what kind of horse was that, that descended (audience laughs) from the sky, glowing with light? Then later the horse and the boy went up into the sky and disappeared. After the battle was won and the boy defeated the enemy, he left, together with the horse. (Master and audience laugh.) A strange horse.

Au Lac history began with the fairies and those saintly personages who came and protected the land and who taught people how to build houses in such a strange shape that we don’t even know nowadays. It became like a conch shape. How can you buy a conch-shaped house? Now you think of the Pentagon or something like that. They built the house with a conch, spiral shape, and then that protected the land for a long time. Some of the saints gave advice to the king, at that time when our country was named Au Lac, and they always defeated the enemy.

So, evidently some of the aliens have descended upon our Earth planet many thousands or some hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago, and have interacted with our Earth planet people. In every country we have evidence of this. It’s just that we didn’t know what it was and we thought it was a fairy tale. But after we consider more about the details, and after we have become enlightened, we would be able to discern that these things are not only stories, they are true happenings.

From “Extraterrestrial Visitors In History”
News 53, Infinite Space
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
International seven-day Retreat in Hsihu Center, Formosa
October 30, 1995
(originally in English)


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