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Two thousand years ago, a great being was born among us. He is so great that we have no words to praise Him. Only God knows His greatness. We mortals cannot understand. We can understand only when we become as great as He is.

Now we often ask ourselves, “Why is it that Jesus had to die so quickly when He had just reached the peak of glory in his mission, that is, to spread the message of God?” If He had not left the earth in such a short time and in such a tragic way, probably, His name would have been forgotten by now. God sacrificed Him in this way so that the whole world would remember, so that we would treasure a messenger of God, by whichever name he came.

Since ancient times, our world has always been in trouble. People always err and forget God. So, God always has to send messengers to remind us. But Jesus was one of the most remembered because of His greatness, and also because of His very short stay with us, and the way He left us and was resurrected. Now we say, “The great Son of God, He had such great power and did so many miracles. Why didn’t He change His own destiny? Why did He have to die in such a tragic way?” But He had to do it, otherwise we would not be shocked out of our sleep. We would think the world is forever or the Master is forever.

There were also some other Masters before Jesus, but now people do not remember them as much as we remember Jesus. When we remember Jesus, we remember God, and we derive some blessing because Jesus was the Son of God. In other words, Jesus was God personified on earth. He had to leave us very early. He had his purpose. He wanted to shock us out of our slumber.

Many thousands of years later, we are still shocked, if we remember this story, because of the ephemeral nature of our existence on earth. Even the Son of God had to die! Everyone must go, eventually. If even a man as great as Jesus cannot preserve this ephemeral body and also cannot be protected from the violence and ignorance of the people of this world, how can we feel safe? That is why He submitted Himself to the punishment which He did not deserve. He suffered for the sake of everyone!

If we say Jesus used His blood to wash away our sins, it is not exaggerating. It is the truth, because each time we think of Jesus, we learn something. At least we remember the ephemeral nature of our world and our body, or at least we learn humility, because such a great one had to suffer in such a way. He was so humble that He surrendered Himself to God and said, “Whatever God wills must be done!” Otherwise, He could have escaped. We know that He had a lot of magical power, including the power to be invisible, but He chose to obey God’s arrangement. So when we think of Him, we can say, “Who are we to be proud, to forget God’s will and not to surrender?” But these lessons are hard to learn. If all people can learn these lessons well, then Jesus’ sacrifice was worthwhile and we are worthy to be His followers and worshippers.

From “The Perfect Example of a Great Saint”
News 118, Master Says
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Costa Rica
December 24, 1990
(originally in English)

Q: When Christ says, “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit,” I don’t think anyone, even myself, really understands completely what it would actually take to commit an unforgivable sin, if there were such a thing.

M: ‘Unforgivable’ is in the sense of the world, but there’s nothing eternal. Suppose if Christ had come, and the people preached falsehoods against Him, or blackened His name, or accused Him falsely or wrongly, things like that, that’s against the Holy Spirit, because He represented the Holy Spirit. So these sins are, of course, unforgivable, but not eternal. As soon as the soul turns around and repents, it’s forgiven.

That’s why Jesus did not hate those who condemned Him. Also, He knew that they had to do their duty. They had to do what they did to complete His mission, so that He would be glorified and honored in Heaven, as well as on Earth, up till now. If He hadn’t died like that, He would be in oblivion; He wouldn’t be as famous as He is now. Other masters have come and gone, but no one is as famous as He is.

So, those who persecuted Him had to do what they had to do. And He knows that, and they are forgiven. They had a role they had to play. Of course that’s not the highest choice that they made, but someone has to make a choice like that. You know, just like in a film: Someone has to be a murderer, someone has to be a detective, someone has to be a victim and someone has to be a hero.

So, it’s a choice we made before we came. Nothing is unforgivable, even though it seems unforgivable. Of course, we should never make a choice like that. But in eternity, in the game of the universe, everyone chooses a different way to walk back home. Sometimes they like to take a long way; some people take a short cut, like we do.

God knows everything; God forgives everything. It’s just that we can not forgive ourselves. So we should never make lowly choices that we regret afterwards. Therefore the Master and the brothers stand by all the time, to assist us in re-choosing. We can always make a new choice. And depending on your choice, a new event will happen, a new direction will open up. Then you go into a different dimension. That’s why every sinner has the chance to become a saint-any of them, no problem. There’s always hope. There’s always love, plenty of love for everyone, even for the worst criminal, plenty of love.

From “Each Soul Makes Its Own Choices”
News 121, Questions and Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angeles, California, USA
June 7, 1998
(originally in English)

Q: Dear Master, what is the difference between God and Jesus?

M: There’s no difference. I and my Father are One. Didn’t He tell you? (Applause) Well, there is a difference because we saw Him, people saw Him in the physical body and we don’t see God in this physical body. So we think God and Jesus are different. But God manifested within Jesus to show people the Way back to themselves.

From “Enter the Everlasting ‘Hotel’ of Heaven”
News 124, Master Says
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Fresno Convention Center, California, USA
June 23, 2001
(originally in English)

Q: Do You believe that the supreme Messiah of the universe — Jesus, the only begotten Son of God — said, “I am the way, the Truth of life. No man cometh to the Father but by me”; that no one can enter heaven, God’s home, except by Jesus?

M: Yes, it’s true. Every master said that. “Jesus” is the name of His body, “Christ” is His title. Every master should have this Christ power. Therefore, in a sense, Jesus never died. Jesus works through all the masters through all the centuries, through all the ages, to liberate and enlighten us. But the ignorant were still left behind. Jesus alone cannot enlighten us if He’s gone. Of course He can, He can in some degree; but we are human, we can’t get in touch with Him when He is in a higher sphere. Therefore, a physical master is necessary. But the Christ Power works through any physical master who is destined or posted to beat that time. Therefore, when Jesus said He was the only way and the only one, He spoke the absolute truth. But so does any master when the master is alive.

I know it’s trouble clinging to the Bible. Same with many of the Buddhists. The Bible and the scriptures are excellent — excellent evidence of the past masters, but also excellent stumbling blocks for our intellectual attachment. I know it’s very difficult. I only can wish you the best, and I can only be patient to wait until the time comes when you understand. The Bible is only a record of a super master who has graced our Earth, but what about those before Jesus and after Jesus? Those after Jesus probably would say: “Okay, we hear His name and we’ll get redeemed.” But how about the billion, trillion years before Jesus, there was no one to rescue them or what? The Father is so merciless just to send only one Son and only one time? Could Hes be so stingy, you think?

If Jesus really redeemed all of us, can you truly answer me why we are still ignorant? Many things we don’t know, heaven we can’t contact. Some people can. They prayed deeply and sincerely to Jesus; probably He’d appear to them and teach some of them, but very few. He didn’t appear to all of us; but to our disciples He would, because we know how to contact Him. We can ascend to His level and get His teachings directly.

I’m not teaching anything different. If you would like to see Jesus and God, I just help you. If you would like to see the Buddha, I’ll help you; only if you believe it, instead of clinging to the stories of the past great masters, most of which we do not understand.

From “Jesus And Other Saviors”
News 76, Selected Question & Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Sydney, Australia
March 17, 1993
(originally in English)

Q: You say a genuine master should not perform miracles, yet Jesus performed miracles and healed people.

M: Remember what Jesus said to His mother: Why do you tell people that I can perform miracles? He was very reluctant to do this. Because His mother already told people to prepare water and leave it there, this forced Him to do it.

Many other’s times He cured the lepers, He cured the sick people; but He waited until no one was there and went and told the person to get up and get healed. When He saw people come after Him then He immediately disappeared. Do you remember? He hid Himself. He didn’t want to let people see. He also told the patient not to tell other people. But that person came out and told everything.

So even if masters have miracle powers, they seldom openly use it to attract the attention of the masses. They only want to attract the sincere seekers for the Kingdom of God. Because if you are after miracles only, then miracles are all you will have — not the Kingdom of God. But if you are after the Kingdom of God, you seek the Kingdom of God, then all things shall be added onto you. You’ll have miracles and all things. Understand? Therefore most masters avoid attracting people by miracles, for fear that they will pay their attention only to that part of the God power and forget the whole.

From “Practicing Makes The World More Civilized”
News 55, Media Reports
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Columbia University, New York, USA
November 3, 1989
(originally in English)


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