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We have various options in this world. The universe is not as rigid and dull as you might think. So, it’s really up to you to decide what you want to do and how much of a load and responsibility you want to handle. You can do it as long as you don’t hurt other people. God has a few wishes, but we make the choices ourselves. Otherwise, it would be too boring if everything were predestined. We can change things, but we must make good changes, and then it is okay.

For example, this package of tissues in my hand, I can keep it for my own use, or I can toss the tissues to people in need – two or three of them. I can toss them in different directions. I can also discard the packet in the dustbin and then no one can use it. If I keep it, I am the only one who can use it; however, people can make use of these tissues if I put some everywhere. In this way, I have many choices. It’s up to me to decide, and that’s all right. It’s impossible to say that God has arranged for me to throw this packet of tissues to a designated person. It can’t be like that. The universe isn’t that monotonous; we have many choices.

All kinds of religions talk about free will, which sometimes brings harm to many people as well as ourselves and makes us transmigrate. If we make a good decision, the result will be good, and we’ll reap the benefits. Otherwise, we’ll have to shoulder a heavy responsibility that makes us feel uncomfortable and is very tiresome. Even worse, we’ll have to come back to amend the things we’ve done wrong, compensate for the harm that we’ve done or the losses that all those people have incurred. That’s just the way it is.

It’s true; nothing is really good or bad in the universe, it’s only a cycle. Everyone plays his or her role, and we go back to rest when the time comes. However, this is not an excuse for us to act irresponsibly. Certainly, we must choose to do good things because they will benefit us and others, too; and we won’t have to exhaust ourselves with transmigration. There are many obstacles each time we come here. It’s not definite that we can fix the things we’ve done wrong within the periods of time that we’re back. Consequently, we have to carry on this way until all has been amended, and sometimes this takes thousands of years.

From “Free Will”
News 101, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
March 27, 1996
(originally in Chinese)

Q: Since God gave us free will, and we can do anything — even change our destiny — how can we align our will with God’s will, and know that we are doing God’s will?

M: There are two things that you can do: Follow your will, or follow God’s will. Following your will is this: If you don’t like this or you don’t like that, you change. You have the right to please yourself. If you don’t like this or that, change it.

Following God’s will means, “OK, I don’t care. Whatever comes my way, I’ll do it.” And God takes care of the rest. If you’re strong enough, you just do that. Whatever comes your way, you take care of it the best you can. Then the rest is up to Hirm. But if you are not yet strong enough, you follow your will. Whatever you don’t like, you change. And hope that God cooperates; Hes always does.

Q: But can ego get in the way of your will?

M: No. If you don’t have an ego anymore, you don’t even bother with free will. So if there’s no ego, no self-will, then there’s only God’s will. We go step by step, anyhow. There’s no need to jump right into God’s will if you’re not ready for it. Hes is very patient; whatever you want is what Hes wants. But whatever Hes wants is not always what you want. Therefore, there is free will, and there is God’s will. So you make your choice.

Q: How do I align my will and surrender to God’s will? Because I know that God’s will is the best for me.

M: Then just don’t do anything. Can you do that? Can you do nothing?

Q: Just simply be?

M: Yes! I don’t mean just sit there all day long, but do whatever comes. If you’re in this job, do it. If someone asks you to do that, do it. If someone doesn’t ask you for anything, don’t do anything. Just do whatever you know is coming your way. That’s what God’s will is. If you can be satisfied with that, then it’s fine. If not, you can change.

Q: Thank You for being so simple. You’re very simple.

M: Yes, well, that’s what I learned. (Audience applauds) That’s why yesterday I said to some of your brothers and sisters, “Just do nothing.” There’s no need to sit there and imagine sending God’s love or compassion in all kinds of directions, imagining this and imagining that. Just sit there, and God will send things to you. But Hes also said, “Knock and it shall be given.” That’s free will. I don’t even bother to knock anymore. If Hes doesn’t give it to me, I say, “OK, keep it.” I don’t even ask. And if Hes doesn’t give, I say, “All right! Then I might not need it.” It’s simpler that way.

All you have to do is just take care of this body, work enough to live or invest or whatever. Just do the things that you do. It’s less struggle and more peaceful. Emerson, the American philosopher, said, “A great burden falls from your shoulders if you let God run the universe.” I live by that concept.

From “Free Will and God’s Will”
News 129, Selected Questions and Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
International three-day Retreat in Los Angeles, California, USA
December 18, 1998
(originally in English) Videotape No. 642


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