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Q: I’m a new initiate here this week, and I’m lacking a little understanding on one thing regarding group meditation. Since our meditation is something between us individually and God, what really is the value or benefit of group meditation?

M: It’s because the same energy is helping each other. Sometimes it even helps physically. For example, if you sit alone at home, you tend to laze around, wander or lie down whenever your body dictates. But in group meditation, since everyone is sitting, you feel uncomfortable lying down. So it helps in that way. And sometimes you lack the effort to meditate. But in a group, you feel more supported. Just like in playing football or anything else: It’s your own business to be a good football player. You have to train yourself and make your own effort. But in a group, you train better. It’s the same with everything. We need to have a supporting environment to do anything successfully; that’s all. Otherwise, we are God already! What need is there to meditate to find God? But this is the way we play around, so we just do it.

From “The Benefits of Group Meditation”
News 133, Spiritual Information Desk
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
International three-day Retreat in Los Angeles, USA
December 17, 1998
(originally in English) Videotape #641

Q: Master, I want to know about the importance of group meditation. Because some people don’t want to go to the Center for group meditation. They say it is not important, and they meditate in their house.

M: It is very important. It’s better for you if you can go to group meditation. We say that all the time. When you sit together with other people, you are more strengthened. It’s more fun to sit with a lot of people, number one. Number two, the collective power will help you. For example, that’s how the bank works, economically and practically speaking. Everyone pools his money in one bank, and they get rich. One penny, one dollar, two dollars, one hundred, two hundred, one thousand — everyone pools his money and the bank becomes powerful. But everyone who participates in the bank benefits also. If one person keeps the money for himself, he doesn’t get the interest. But if many people pool the money in a bank together, the bank benefits a lot. And the people benefit too; they get the interest. So practicing spiritually is just like doing business in this world. It’s very logical. One person probably cannot lift this chair or lift the stage, but many persons together can lift it. It’s very simple.

From “The Importance of Group Meditation”
News 133, Spiritual Information Desk
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Florida, USA
September 26, 1999
(originally in English) Videotape #670

When ten persons meditate together, they receive ten portions of merit, which, added to their own portion, will make eleven portions. Therefore, when we go to group meditation, the merit we derive far exceeds that of practicing alone at home for days, months, or perhaps years. It depends on the number of people attending group meditation. Therefore, the larger the number of attendants and the longer we attend group meditation, the greater will be our spiritual change.

From “The Benefits of Group Meditation”
News 105, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
March 12, 1992
(originally in Chinese)

Q: I have a full-time job and I am also a church minister. And I do funerals and hospital visits. (Master: You have to do your duties, yes.) And so I can’t go at the time they have set for group meditation. I know how important it is to congregate; I know it’s good for me. I wanted to ask you about it because I’m concerned about my responsibility toward the group. But I also have a responsibility to my church.

M: Just try your best to meditate. Whenever you have time, go to group meditation. It doesn’t have to be every week. If you cannot make it, maybe go once in a while, like once a month — whenever you can. Sometimes the time is also not convenient for people. For example, if you can meditate Saturday but the other people work on Saturday, or the kids happen to be off school on Saturday, or your parents always visit on Saturday, that kind of thing. Of course, whatever benefits you, try to profit from it. But if you cannot, it’s no sin. It’s no problem for anyone, just yourself. But you made the effort to come here, so that means you are trying your best. And God knows that, and it’s all right. It’s just that you enjoy maybe a little less progress than others probably enjoy. That’s all; you go more slowly.

From “The Importance of Group Meditation”
News 133, Spiritual Information Desk
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Florida, USA
September 26, 1999
(originally in English) Videotape #670

When we meditate, or we remember God, our thoughts are holy, pure and unconditional, so we don’t create anything bad; only holy vibrations and powerful blessings. So when these powerful blessings and thought power are generated around us and within our environment, then it’s raised up. Then other people, who are holy and practicing, also generate the same thought, same blessing and the same power. Like attracts like, and when these attract each other they become a very powerful force which defeats all the evil, negative influence in this world. That’s how the world will become purified and improved day by day. That’s how we help the world without having to do charity work and without having to go out and preach.

From “Purify The World With A Holy Meditative Vibration”
News 96, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa
September 24, 1991
(originally in English)

If we want to walk all the way to the spiritual mansion of the Most High, if you have a companion supporting in spirit, it is very, very incredible, the energy that each of us radiates. It is incredible when it’s put together. For example water, if it’s only one cup, it is not much. If it fills the cup, it’s all right for the cup. But when many cups are put together, many hundreds or thousands of cups are put together, it becomes a swimming pool. Then more, it’ll become a lake, and then it’ll become a river, and become an ocean.

That’s why group meditation is extremely, extremely important to you. You probably have learned that by your own experience. You feel clean, energized when you go out. Is that no so? (A: Yes.) It is because you share energy. You say, “Well, one cup is okay. Two cups, all right.” But one cup you can not clean with. If you put together it becomes a lake; all of you can swim in it and it will still be there. You know what I mean? Maybe just put one cup on your body, not only your body is not cleansed but the water is gone. So, it is a privilege for us to go to group meditation. It’s really, really a great benefit to mankind as well, because if the lake is there, not only you are benefited but many other people in the society who didn’t put the water in the lake can also get benefit.

From “Group Meditation Benefits All Mankind”
News 72, Master’s Words
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
September 26, 1994
(originally in English)

Q: Dear Master, do You think that there will ever be a day when we could all just go back home and not have to deal with these earthly issues and matters?

M: Oh! definitely, we’ll go home.

Q: I mean all of us!

M: All of us! No one will be left behind. No second coming for you. (Master and everyone laugh). Unless you want it so badly beause a beautiful woman is left behind or something like that. Because this time is a very bad period for our world and so the Master’s power decides that we suffer enough. So, if we just make a little effort, just a little sincerity and the Master will embrace us and disregard everything. Because you can’t. (Master sighs) To be honest, you can’t meditate in this world. (Master and everyone laugh) You really can’t. So whatever we can meditate, or whatever the outcome, truly comes from the grace of the Master, I mean the Master power, I don’t mean this person. So anyhow, during the night, the Master will take us to different levels where it’s safer and better. In the day, we are too busy. Our mind is running against it, the spiritual power, so we have to do it quickly this time. If you keep to the precepts and meditate and do group meditation you’ll see yourself improve so fast that you could not imagine. When you look back at yourself it’s like somebody else behind there, yes! Really, and they’ll tell you that... the people who experience that. I don’t tell this because I know it from books, but it’s from experience myself and the living examples of your brothers and sisters. It’s nice to see your family members (fellow initiates) once a week, no? It’s good, but not many people can keep up, but it is very beneficial to them, and if you could not go to group meditation or if you don’t want to, for any reason, please meditate at home. And there’s no must for anything, it’s just that it’s beneficial to you. Whatever I tell you is good for you only. No forbidden items! You keep it, it’s good for you. Or if you don’t keep it, well, you’ll experience some setbacks or some obstructions and then you know why.

From News 50, Selected Questions And Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Hawaii, USA
September 4, 1994
(originally in English)


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