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News 87, Letter Between Master & Disciple

Divine Mother

By brother-initiate Patrice Byrnes, Perth, Australia
(originally in English)


My beloved Master,

I ask for forgiveness for doubting You. The Maya mind is very cunning and powerful, enabling such doubts to cross my mind. I thank the inner Master for making me aware of what I was doing. The understanding of who You really are cleared the doubts.

You see, we are ordinary beings who are only beginning to awaken our inner masters. Our spiritual foundations are still weak and we have to be extra careful of Maya's influence. The moment we judge You, Divine Mother, to be like one of us, we obstruct our own God realization and delay our spiritual progress. Just because You have taken on a physical body to help us, You are not one of us. I believe, You have been sanctioned to serve human beings by the order of the Most High. You are God incarnate.

If only the world would wake up and know that there is one being in the form of a tiny female body called Supreme Master Ching Hai who has reached all levels of enlightenment.

You sacrifice and carry all our sadness, pain and suffering on Your body out of pure unconditional love. You are all compassion and mercy. Your love for all sentient beings is inconceivable.

I urge all my fellow practitioners, brothers and sisters, let us stand and bow together in thanks to our Master for being with us. May we endeavor to have only one focus, on our own inner master and God realization.

Beloved Master, please forgive me.

With sincere thanks and love,
Patrice Byrnes in Perth, Australia



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