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News 168, Master’s Words

Lead a Godly Life and Become Your Own Guardian Angel

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angeles, California, USA • July 8, 1997
(Originally in English) DVD #588

We have to change our way of life, not outside things such as the weather. As long as the majority of people still live a very immoral way of life, it will still be terrible — if not right here, then over there. And we sometimes have to share the collective karma too, even if we didn’t do anything. Because when we live in a country, we share that country’s karma.

So the people who don’t choose a moral or Heavenly way of life can’t experience Heaven on Earth because we are what we choose to do. The law of action and retribution is always perfect everywhere. If we keep to a very lowly way of life and continue with killing and all kinds of physical immorality, then of course we’ll get the bad karma that’s coming to us. That’s no surprise at all because like attracts like. Those lowly vibrations will attract the kind of lowly energy that brings disaster, trouble, unhappiness and chaos. But if we live our life in a very highly developed manner and choose a Godly way of life, then Godly events will pour into our life. That’s why, after initiation when you’ve meditated and cleansed yourself with a vegetarian diet from the outside and Heavenly food from the inside, your life will become better and better and better. That’s also because like attracts like. You become more Heavenly so you attract more Heavenly blessings.

Most people who don’t aspire spiritually live a lower kind of life. Many choose to live a life of animal standards so they attract all kinds of animal-like or lower energy and this lower energy brings disaster, unhappiness and trouble. Heavenly energy brings happiness, bliss and blessing because it’s Heaven. And a low or evil level of energy will bring a low quality of life or an evil quality of events into people’s lives. Like attracts like so if we want our lives to be in Heaven all the time, we have to act like Heavenly beings and attract this kind of blessing to us. It’s very simple; there’s no need to be enlightened to understand this.

Some people always act in a bad manner, and when the consequences come, they blame it on God, saying that Hes doesn’t bless them. They blame everything: They blame the circumstances; they blame other people; they blame their friends or their family. But it’s not true. It’s they themselves who attract these kinds of disasters because they act in ways that generate disastrous energy. And this disastrous energy in turn, as the law of like attracts like dictates, attracts more disastrous energy until there’s enough of this energy to create a disaster. And then disaster surrounds that person in all kinds of forms, through all kinds of events and through all kinds of people.

So if I request or if any other Master requests that you keep the precepts, eat a vegetarian diet, purify your physical being and purify your spiritual and mental being by meditating, by thinking purely, speaking purely and acting purely, it’s so that you’ll attract all the pure energy and Heavenly blessings to yourself. It’s not that the Master is strict and controls your life by telling you what to do, like asking you to keep the precepts for anyone else’s sake. It’s for your own sake because everything you do that’s good attracts good things to you, and if you do good all the time more and more good things will always come. And then the more good things that come, the less likely it will be that bad things will come to you because by then you’ll be surrounded by a thick wall of good energy. Even if you want to do bad things then, it will be difficult.

Once you begin to be a good person or do good things, it just continues, like the generating of good energy, and that in turn attracts more good energy and then you feel stronger in goodness. And then you do more good, and the more good you do the more the good energy comes. And the more good and more energy bring even more good and more energy. And then you’ll be surrounded all the time by a Heavenly atmosphere. Then how can disaster ever come near you? You’re surrounded. You’re protected! There’s no need for protecting angels and no need to believe in guardian angels. You guard yourself; you’re your own angel.


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