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Master’s Words

Studying theory and practicing at the same time, that’s the best study. So actually the world is a good school. Now if a doctor only reads books, studies books and never touch a patient, can he know how to handle a patient later? So God has placed us in this world to learn wisdom and use it, so that we become wiser, greater and more comfortable with our own skill, our own intelligence, our own enlightenment. So sometimes the obstacle is there so that we can use our strength or our wit in order to overcome it. Not necessary that you have success, because what’s important is that you know how to deal with the situation, how to use your quick wittedness.

Not always having looked for success in order to measure your intelligence or your ability, because sometimes what looks like failure is a success and sometimes what looks like success is a failure. Because even sometimes a failure is a door for the success. Just like a child was born, small and weak. He walks and he fails, but because of his failing steps, he can run later. But if he never tries and fails, he can never grow up and run. So it’s okay that we try our practice, our intelligence inside the world.

Do not think that the precepts make us not free, bind us inside the frame. It’s the way of freedom, free from guilt, free from anxieties, free from disease, free from karma, free from many things. Just like sometimes we took vaccination. It hurts and it seems doesn’t feel nice, but it frees us from the disease, before hand. So with the same ingredients like Quan Yin Method, and precepts and theory practice, but everyone is different, everyone is happy in a different way. And everyone is enlightened in different way. So do not feel attached to the next persons’ experience saying: “Why can’t I be like him?”

When you do some giving, materially or spiritually, you feel good, you feel happy and expanded. The same with wisdom distribution, you become enlarged. The more people you help, the more people you enlighten, the more enlarged you become. That’s how you become one with everything. That’s how the many Buddhas or Saints in different generations have become great.

From “The World is a School”
News 43, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Korea • April 15, 1994
(Originally in English)

Sometimes we are too worried about our problem we forget to meditate. Try to remember next time, because if we want to really solve the problem or get out of the problem, we meditate. Then we are strengthened by the original power. And then suddenly we know what to do and how to solve the problem, or at least just to forget it, just feel different. Suddenly we feel like it’s nothing! And before meditation we feel, oh, the problem just weighting on us or suppressing us, and we feel very bad.

Or sometimes before if we don’t meditate, we think some, we want to solve the problem in the different way. But after meditation, we feel very clear that this is no good, we have to change it into another way. So that’s the key of success. The key of success it’s not always to think of the problem, but to forget it. And then suddenly it becomes very clear, because the more we submerge in the problem, the less we understand it.

From News 43, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Korea • April 15, 1994
(Originally in English)

So many kinds of vegetarians, you must understand. There is a saying in Au Lac. They say that the vegetarian in the heart is the best. Why do they say that? It is because our actions, speech and thoughts must be together, uniform; we don’t just eat vegetarian only. That’s only action wise. Then when we talk, we talk like having scissors or a stone and cutting everywhere; that is not vegetarian talk.

If we say we eat vegetarian, but our thoughts are very violent and sharp, and do not care about other people’s feelings and always being selfish, always trying to get everything for ourselves first, at any cost, at the cost of other people’s convenience or feelings, then it’s no good. No good for us, no good for the family; and then at large, it’s no good for the nation and for the world.

That’s why the Chinese people say, “First we have to cultivate our own self, the big Self, the Wisdom, then we can take care of the family, then we can take care of the nation, and then we can pacify the whole planet.” That is quite true.

However, most people, they just want to pacify the planet. You know, leap frog, quick, quick! Otherwise, “Oh, take care of ourselves? That I know already. Take care of my family? Oh, my wife can do it. Take care of the nation? Oh, well President Clinton does it. I take care of the whole world the best.” That’s what they think. It would be better we begin from ourselves.

From “Vegetarian in Speech, Thought and Action”
News 75, Master’s Words
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Austin, Texas, USA • August 14, 1994
(Originally in English)

Why is this world always changing? It is for us to learn the lesson of always being prepared, of being on the alert. Do you know this? So, the world is neither good nor bad; it only depends on how we use it. Good or bad depends on how we use the situation to learn our lessons well. So, you understand now! You should be learning every moment. Spiritual practice goes on round the clock.

From News 43, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
International seven-day retreat in Formosa • May 24, 1994
(Originally in Chinese)

Host: Master Ching Hai, we are coming into a new millennium. And many people are concerned about the state of the environment and the future of our planet, and whether the world is going to come to an end or not. What do You believe our future is? Do You think there is a reason for these avalanches that we have been seeing in California, for example, in recent times?

Master: You mean the flood? The what?

H: The flood. Yes, exactly, and all these many kinds of natural disasters ...

M: Yes, recently a lot. I felt very sorry it happened last night — on TV again, you know. Every time we try to help, but we cannot help forever, because that is not the main help. Even though material is important for people immediately and that we give; but the main help is from the root, not the branches. The answer lies not in God or in any prediction of Nostradamus; it is in our hands that we can change the future. We can switch on to God right now. We can remember the old golden times. We must stop killing people and animals, and we must live a very moral and tranquil life.

H: What is a moral life to You, Master?

M: Yeah, whether or not initiated, or coming to me or not coming to me, or coming to all the masters or not coming to a master, we just lead the life according to our conscience, like the old times. We do to people what we love people do to ourselves.

H: Yes, like the golden rule.

M: Yes, golden rule, like you just do what is good. What is good, we do immediately. What is beneficial for people and people ask for it, we do it. And what is bad for people and for ourselves, we just stop it immediately. And that is easy enough to do.

H: And that is the conscience ... that is the one conscience we need to be guided by.

M: Yes, we can look in the Bible, for example, like the Ten Commandments: Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery. Thou shall not lie. Thou shall not steal, etc. At least those basic social behaviors. And then in our hearts, we must pray day and night for the guidance of the most high.

From “Spiritual Moment Together”
News 45, Spot Light
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Live Telephone Interview by KQSB Radio Station, California, USA • March 17, 1995
(Originally in English)

Q: In one of Your video cassettes, I heard about Emerson, an American philosopher. He said, "It's a difficult thing to reach God-hood on this plane." I don't understand if this is against what You're talking about.

M: No!

Q: Then You said, "Let God do the business." And "let God do everything for us, through us." What I need is Your guidance. Thank You.

M: He said "difficult". He didn't say "impossible". Of course, it's difficult to reach God. That's why we need the guidance of a master and blessing from the Master power. And after that we should let God bless and guide us, and do everything through us, instead of doing things with the ego. Everything is correct the way I said it; there's nothing contradictory. It's just that you understood it differently. It is not that it's different. Emerson said, "A big burden will fall from our shoulders if we let God run the universe." Most of us run the universe. We worry about this, we take care of that, and we don't rely on God's power. That's why we exhaust ourselves without much success. So, if we do things to our best ability, and let God arrange whatever the outcome will be, then we won't feel so hurt, so disappointed, and so tired. That's what he meant. Are you satisfied?

Q: This is confusing to me, Master. I have a lot of expectations that God should run all these things. But I facing all these troubles, and it has not been lightened, and it is a burden for me. I'm expecting God to do that for me.

M: Oh! It's not that you're expecting, you're dictating to God what to do. And Hes won't listen. Obstacles and troubles are there for you to overcome. But God will dictate the outcome. You have to always try your best. But don't expect anything. That's the best. That's the proper way of expectation.

If you expect and say, "God, I'm putting one hundred dollars here, and I want to get one thousand dollars tomorrow." That won't do. You expect too much. Most of the time, we do things and we expect the outcome to be like this or that. But it doesn't come out like this, it comes out like that. Then we feel disappointed, sad, hurt. But it may be that this is good. Maybe the third outcome is better than the first or the second that we expected. We don't know. We should just try our best, and when our conscience is at peace we can say, "Okay, I tried my best." And if the outcome doesn't suit our taste, just let it be. Then that way, you don't feel burdened. You don't feel exhausted. You don't feel hurt. You might still feel hurt, but in the end we realize it's best for us whatever happens.

I've told you many stories about surrendering to God's will. Remember the Indian story about the person who came to take refuge in a house, during a wartime bombing. And the family members — the owner and the other members — just pushed him out into the street again. They didn't let him stay in their house and take refuge. So he had to get out and meanwhile blamed God for not protecting him. But as soon as he got out of the house, the house exploded. A bomb dropped right onto the house. He was the only one that survived, after being kicked out. So we never know what's good for us. It's better to just try our best and accept whatever comes. But you always have to try your best. In that way you'll rest in peace and you'll know you have tested your strength and wisdom.

From News 90, Selected Questions & Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Surabaya, Indonesia • March 19, 1997
(Originally in English)

Q: There is so much crime in the world now, so much one-on-one violence within mankind. What can we do to begin to have greater respect for ourselves and human lives, so that we are not killing one another, so that we are not so violent and so cruel to one another?

M: Spread the love message all the time. Always progress positively. It’s better to tell the children, “Honey, you...” Just say it in a positive way instead of the negative way that we most often do. For example, we say, “Don’t be so dirty,” but we could say, “Honey, keep yourself clean.” And the word “clean” will go inside the mind instead of the word “dirty.” It doesn’t matter the “don’t” or “do.” It’s the essence of the sentence that’s important. Most people say, “Don’t be so dirty,” “Don’t be so cruel,” or “Don’t be so nasty,” this, that and the other. Instead just say, “Be kind, be gentle, be gracious, be graceful,” and then the essence of the words will boil down to “kind, gentle, graceful.” And when everything else is gone, only the essence remains. We always keep telling children, “You are dirty,” “Don’t stay up late.” Just say, “Go to bed early.” I make that mistake too, I’m still learning also.

From “Honey, Go To Bed Early!”
News 53, Selected Questions & Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Quan Yin Restaurant, Houston, Texas, USA • November 14, 1993
(Originally in English)

To God, to the Buddha, we should have the spirit of total concentration. Do not be influenced by this world or any temptation, or let our mind be diverted from our goal. Only in this way can we receive God’s grace. If all we think of is God, only God is in our mind, then we are one with Him. We do not even need to pray or ask, begging anything from God, because all is created by the mind. If all we have in our mind is God, then we are God.

From News 43, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu, Formosa • December 30, 1994
(Originally in Chinese)

Some people praise me that I work very hard, I can do it because I am a Buddha. I say maybe I am a Buddha but my body is still human. So if I succeed, it’s only because I am always trying, trying and nonstop trying. I never give up to my body’s tiredness, or the mood of my mind. So its’ a nonstop trying. Every woman, every woman can do what I do. I mean physically if they want to.

From News 43, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Korea • April 15, 1994
(Originally in English)

The problems in this world are not to be blamed on politicians, not to be blamed on the economic system of any country or any “-ism ” of any nation, but to be blamed on the ignorance of our own natures, that we do not know how great we are, that we do not know how great we are, that we do not know that we are contenment incarnated, that we do not know that we are love personified. Therefore, enlightenment is a cure for all illnesses, for all worldly problems, for all wars, and is once and for all, finished!

From News 47, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Denver University, Colorado, USA • April 10, 1993
(Originally in English)

Respect anyone or see anyone with pure eyes, always good for yourself. That’s the best way to look at other people.

From News 44, Aphorisms
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
(Originally in English)

Q: The key to a happy life, what does it really mean to You? I thought that the only key to a happy life is to depend upon yourself, and to live your life the way you want.

M: It’s not we living our lives the way we want that brings happiness; this most often brings disasters. If we live our lives the correct way, then we are free. And then of course we will be happy... not what we want. In everything there is some judgement and some kind of definite way.

For example, we say, “I have a car, I can drive anywhere I want.” That will bring problems. But if we drive on the proper road and with the proper attention, then of course we will be at our destination very fast. If we run all over the place, we will bring trouble to ourselves; even though we call that freedom. Freedom without discipline will bring disaster. And the way many of us lead our lives brings misery, as you can see all around you. Therefore, there is a definite way to lead our lives in order to have true and lasting happiness. That is the life of a gentlemen, that is the life of a sage, who does things according to the universal harmony, and not according to the dictation of the restless mind.

From “The True Free Will”
News 46, Selected Questions And Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angeles, California, USA • April 3, 1993
(Originally in English)

What is the Kingdom of God? It’s not a palace shining with gold, silver, diamonds, rubies and all kinds of precious stones. It’s purity, loving kindness, compassion, peace of mind. That’s the Kingdom of God. If we carry this Kingdom of God within us, then wherever we go we always feel that we’re in Heaven. So there’s no need to yearn for the life beyond and to shun the opportunities to serve our brothers and sisters here on earth while we’re still living. If we’ve already attained Heaven within, whether we live or die, it’s ours and no one can take it away. But if we don’t attain it, then even if we go to Heaven the outer environment of Heaven may not even penetrate inside our darkened souls, and we’ll still carry with us hatred, jealousy and bad, negative thinking within our hearts. Then Heaven is just another place in the universe for us, the same as everywhere else, because we haven’t changed ourselves.

So if we change, the situation changes. If we have Heaven within us, peace within us, then everywhere is Heaven, everywhere is peace. That’s the purpose of being good, of trying to do good, of trying to be good because that’s the only choice.

From “When We Have Peace Within Heaven is Everywhere”
News 159, Helpful Tips
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa
June 6, 1995
(Originally in English) Videotape #478

Q: What do You think about the future for our youth? Do You feel or have a lot of faith in our future generations?

M: Our future will be very good. More people are enlightened these days than during the time of Jesus or Buddha, or any other period on our Earth planet. So I think our future will be very bright. It’s already getting brighter. The political situation of the world is already very hopeful. Many of the great arch enemy nations are shaking hands with each other, and want to talk about peace and economic resurrection. So we should feel positive.

From “Turn Inward and Listen to the Heavenly Teachings”
News 57, Media Reports
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada • April 17, 1993
(Originally in English)

By strong will, good habits, association with good people, you quit a lot of bad habits.

From News 64, Aphorisms
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
(Originally in English)

Q: How do we begin to rid ourselves of the materialism and all our accoutrements that might keep us further away from our spiritual Selves? How can we become more selfless, and not want to have this and be this?

M: It's difficult if we water the plant from the leaves and not the root. The basis of all these misunderstandings, the ignorance and greed is that it came from the root, that we have not opened the power of understanding. Therefore, we misunderstand. We are seeking the Truth which is the eternal happiness but then we misunderstand. We think money will make us happy, or beautiful girls will make us happy. The true thing that makes us happy, that we seek is the Truth. It's our real spiritual power, the real God Self! But because we don't know that, we keep wanting this, that and the other. As soon as your understanding power, your real source of understanding is opened for you, then you understand differently. You say: "Ah! This is what I want, not that!" Then all these things will fall apart! You don't need to do anything to it! Just like you water the plant from the root, then all the leaves will be green.

Q: Are we to consider that we are on this Earth to make a contribution as good human beings, as caring human beings, as loving creatures?

M: Yes. But that is a side effect. The most important is that we are happy within ourselves, we are satisfied. Only when you are satisfied then you can satisfy others. Only when you know how to love yourself, you know how great you are, then you can make others great, or respect the greatness of other people. Therefore, all the masters say: "Know yourself." "Seek you first the Kingdom of God which is within you." That means yourself. "Seek the Holy Spirit which dwells within you." "Know you not you are the temple of God, and the holy spirit dwells within you." "Seek your Buddha nature, the highest Buddha nature." It's the same thing.

From “Love Is The Only Religion (Part II)”
News 80, Selected Questions & Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
An interview by Ms. Helen Stone from KLOE Radio Station with
Supreme Master Ching Hai at the Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant,
Houston, Texas, USA • November 14, 1993
(Originally in English)

Why must we remember the purpose of our coming here? Not because we have promised to do so, but because if we don’t remember, we must come back again and again and again until we remember... until we fulfilled our mission in this planet and then we can go to higher existence or remember our original great position in heaven or in nirvana. The suffering of this world is not due to only the war. The war is not the catastrophe. It’s not the lack of food and all these, but the suffering of this world comes from ignorance. Because we don’t know our mission, our purpose, we mistaken the playground for home and overstay our due and sometimes suffer the cold, danger outside the house.

But even then the Buddhas, God Almighty always try to look for us, for the lost children, for the ones who love to play and forget to go home. Therefore the Buddha sometimes come down and endure the suffering of the human existence, endure the humiliation of the petty physical life in order to find the lost children, to bring them back to safety before it’s too late. Because any house, doesn’t matter how solid it built, one day it must be demolished by itself or by some other elements or some causes or have to rebuild a new one because it’s too old. This world is a big house, very beautiful, very solid house, but it’s not a permanent house.

That’s why the Buddhas, the Saints, like Jesus, Mohammed, etc., they came down to us, extend their blessing to us. We walk one step, they walk hundred thousand steps to receive us and forgive our mistakes, cleanse our past unwholesome actions, and teach us the new kind of life, new beginning, or better speaking, and lead us back to the original way of life, the way we must live, the way we should carry out our life.

Because up to now, all the cells in our body, all the nerves in our system listened only to almost negative orders from our information center. That’s why we have war. That’s why we have assassination. That’s why we have competition at the cost of other people’s jobs or business, or wife or husband, because we do not have a positive information in our brain center to order our body to do good things. And the people who are good in this world are also sometimes, or often overwhelmed also by the negative, by the negative influence in the society, also become shaky in their faith, became weaker in their goodness, and sometimes eventually also give in to the negative power.

So when we have only negative information in our brain, then of course we can only give out negative information or negative orders, and the cells in the body, the nerves in the system also can follow only the negative orders and then do negative things. That’s why we have no peace in the world. That’s why even up to now brothers are still killing each other. Even parents are killing their children for pleasure, for privacy, for individual freedom, “pro-choice”, etc.. Not because they are bad, not because all these war makers, all these parents bad. Or the husband who killed the wife or the wife killed the husband or the brother killing each other, not because they are bad, just because their brain are fed only with negative information, only with negative ideas and that’s what they carry out. Whatever the brain order, the cells complied, the cells have to do it, the body must function. And that’s why we sink deeper and deeper into depression and that’s why our world is almost any time in danger of disappearing, from our own making.

So the only thing to help us now is very logical, is that to feed us with positive information to change our information stream. Everyday we must receive good information, positive information, constructive information, enlightened, wise informations, and then from the brain they will direct the cells, the nervous system and everything will do only good, only peaceful, only wise, only constructive positive things, and that’s how we save the world. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much peace talks, how much money we spend on the arms, on the army, still we don’t have secure feeling. Look, one day this country just finish the war, shake hands with each other. Okay. We start anew. And the next morning, we heard that the other country broke out in war. And then the United Nations run over there and that’s not yet finished, the other one, the other country makes war with the other country over there and then over here, over everywhere.

And it’s already nearly twenty-first century and we suppose to be civilized, peaceful, loving, helping each other. And for all the technical inventions, for all the wealth that we have discovered from the mother earth and from the universe, we could live a kingly life, all of us. Instead, we still have poverty, war, suffering, just because we don’t have enough positive information to feed our brain and our whole system with. That’s all there is about enlightenment. Enlightenment is a way of positive life. It’s a way of tapping into positive power, which is already existing within us. Because in the universe there are two kinds of power, we call yin and yang. Everyone knows. Now we are living almost in yin, no positive, no yang, because we did not open that resource.

This world is a negative world. So it is obvious that we have plenty of yin everywhere. And the negative or the yin is easily accessed. It is more accessible to everyone, except when we are wise enough to turn also into the positive department and draw there from, something for us for everyday supply. Then we are balanced. Then we can do wonders to the world. And of course there will be no more war, no more suffering. That’s why we said earlier that the suffering in this world is not due to any individual or nations. It’s due to the ignorance of us, the earth people.

Enlightenment is nothing new and nothing that we have to beg for, nothing mysterious. It’s just a positive power that we have within ourselves, laying, sleeping, unused up to now. So if someone to remind you where to look into or how to use it, and that is called enlightenment, and that’s why it can be immediate. Because if you have something in your pocket or here, you can take it out right away. It’s no need to go to supermarket to buy it. That’s why it’s immediate. As long as you want to accept it, it will be right there and I will show it to you, that it is immediate and you can use it right away and you can see your life improved right away in the first days.

Some people feel like they are born again, right at the time of initiation. They are so joyful. They could just go on the street and kiss everyone. Of course I advise them not to do that, especially in Singapore. It’s just a way of expressing their joy. And from then on, their lives become as light as feather. They work without burden. They take care the family with love and not with so much struggling. Most of family members are often struggling with each other, also due to ignorance. So many people after enlightenment they find their family become heaven. And if everyone’s like that, every family like that, then we don’t need to go to heaven. Our planet will be preserved and then because due to our positive power, we can also elevate the vibration of the earth and make it become heaven-like.

The only difference between heaven and this earth is the vibration, the frequency. The frequency of heaven is fast but smooth. The frequency of the physical world such as our earth is gross, is rough, uneven. That’s why sometimes we have disasters earthquake and all kind of eventful weather. Of course, we can say it from weather forecast: “Oh, the wind in northeast, it winds”, something like that, and causes all these and that. But it is all together also due to the vibration of the whole planet, and atmosphere around it. In heaven, they don’t have it, they don’t have typhoon, they don’t have earthquake, they don’t even have earth, they don’t even have wind. Everything is different. And the heavenly beings, their vibration is also different, because they are different. They have their vibration different, therefore heaven is different. So if our vibration is different, our life become different, even if we stay here. Of course we cannot change the whole planet into heaven, if the people of the earth are practicing only in a small number. But if the whole planet or maybe even half of us practice in such a way, then the vibration of the earth will also change, then other half also will be benefitted without having to do anything. Just like in one family, the father and mother goes to work, and the whole family can also benefit from his or their parents’ salary. No need for the children also go to work. They can, later, when they want to, when they grow up, as a duty to society, not because of necessities. And of course, the more money they earn, the better for the family.

Similarly, the more people practice into heavenly kind of life, and the more elevated our earth will become. At that time then, our house here is safe.

From “Enlightenment Awakens the Positive Power”
News 44, Master Says
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Singapore • January 10, 1995
(Originally in English)
Videotape #467


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