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News 162, Helpful Healthcare Tips

We Can Actually Live a Better Life

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Singapore • September 28, 1994
(Originally in English) Videotape #446

Nowadays many sicknesses, different diseases, kill people, about eighteen million a year. Because some of us don’t take precautions to guard our precious body which has been given to us by God to do some mission on earth for some purpose, and also to realize our almighty power. We do something like smoking too much, drinking too much, eating too much flesh, inviting all the bacteria from the flesh into our systems, etc. And all these killing factors make our lives a miserable time.

Actually we could live a better life if we organized more, if we appreciated our body more. If we ate just nutritious food for our body, and ate not just because of the taste, and ate just a reasonable amount, then of course, our health wouldn’t be so greatly endangered. You see, most vegetarian people become healthier. Is that not so? [Audience: Yes.] Many of you became healthier after receiving initiation and switching to a vegetarian diet. Is that not so? [Audience: Yes.] Actually, the hospitals are full of meat-eating people (laughter). No problem; we can see the proof there.

It’s not only because the vegetarian diet is healthy in itself, but because the vibration is very harmonious to our body whereas the vibrations of animals are not that harmonious, not so peaceful. Actually, it’s very easy to live a simple, healthy life. There’s not so much need for medicine, no need for so many injections. Many of us harm ourselves because we put poisonous substances into our bodies. Otherwise, if we know how to live a simple, nutritious, healthy life, we really don’t need doctors so much. And the doctor can have more holidays and both of us can stay healthy.


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