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News 41, Master Says

The Perfect Beings from Heaven

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Group Meditation in Thailand • September 10, 1994
(Originally in English)

All of us are great beings from heaven. All of the human beings born in this world are great heavenly beings, and the most courageous. Because if we were not great, we would not be courageous, we’d never have enough guts to come down to this world. We never could come, we’d never dare come.

That’s why if one of us here does something good for mankind, then all the heavenly beings rejoice and praise and have so much respect. And the more we can do this, the more respect we earn in heaven. Even though sometimes we have trouble by doing good to mankind and we probably have persecution from our fellow beings and other obstacles in this world, but that is just only temporary. Truly the universe rejoices in every good deed and loving kindness we can send to our fellow beings. And if we already are given enough equipment, enough opportunities to do good to mankind and we don’t do it, then it is really a case to feel very sorrowful about.

Before we came here we came with the high ideal, with the best intention, with the good heart and a mighty determination to help and to improve ourselves spiritually, even also by helping people in this world. But when we came here, most of us forgot and we prefer to sleep, eat, and go around playing. We prefer to take care of our own interests and sometimes forget what’s our purpose before we came here, why we came here. It is also good that we forget, it’s good. And then we do not feel very sorry for ourselves because we’d like to go back there; it’s better in heaven than here.

But if we meditate, then unconsciously our soul will remember. Then we don’t have to feel too much suffering because we live in this very confined, very unhappy surrounding. And then we feel more settled down, not attached to the world but settle down in the world. And then we know that we have to finish our mission. And then whether we realize or not, inside we will, the soul will understand that we have to accomplish our mission on Earth and then we will go back home very soon.

There is a story of a woman. She died, went to heaven, and came back to this world. And in between time she was shown a lot of heavenly places and the intelligence of the universe and the purpose of creation and she was shown great beings like Jesus or maybe a part of God’s representative. Or she thought it was Jesus, because nobody knows what Jesus looked like. (Master laughs.) Because that being had love and a great light around him, so she thought it was Jesus Christ.

Now after she saw all this, she just felt she was at home, of course, and she felt very happy and loved and she never wanted to go back to this world again. But then the heavenly beings told her that her time is not yet up so she has to go back. She said she didn’t want to but then the heavenly beings showed her her mission, what she has to do later in the world to help. And then she agreed to come. But then the heavenly beings told her that after she has seen her mission, they will erase the memory, so when she comes back again to her physical life she will not remember anything about what she has to do. And then she truly forgot.

But when she came back here and she saw her ugly body lying there and she said, “Uohhh, I don’t want to come into it.” (Master and everyone laugh.) And when she came back in, she felt so tight and so confined and so locked up inside herself. She felt so miserable she cried. And it took a long, long time, many months before she became settled down with her body again. And then, she remembered the being told her that she has a mission on Earth, but she didn’t remember anything about that mission. And after thinking too long time, she thought it’s good that she doesn’t remember. Because God knows if she remembers, then she will try to do it very quickly so that it’s done and then she will go back to the heaven. (Master laughs.) Yeah, and she will not do it correctly. She will not do it properly. She will just try to finish it, it doesn’t matter in what fashion, then she can be free.

Most of us are also covered up, God doesn’t let us know. Even though after meditation, after initiation we are only shown a little bit, so that at least we have just a little bit comfort to carry on in this world, and not to feel too proud of our heavenly quality.

And also most of the time when you meditate, your soul goes out of the body but you don’t feel the difference between going and coming, because the Master Power tries to lubricate it. The Master Power makes the transition between the physical world and the spiritual world smooth, so that you don’t feel the sickness of having to come back into these small boxes after being so free and roaming the whole universe at will. But most of the people when they die, or when they nearly die and they come back again, they feel the terrible difference between the spiritual and the physical world. Therefore they suffer a lot. They suffer like that woman who came back to this world and she suffered for many months from depression.

Therefore many times while meditating, we went outside of the body, but sometimes we feel like we don’t know that. And we come back we feel like oh something... Sometimes we feel like we have come back from somewhere but the transition was not so great and it doesn’t disturb our ordinary life too much. Otherwise, if everyday, you know, too much of the differences, sometimes you cannot bear it. Because if we remember how beautiful, how relaxed, how loved we are in heaven, we’d never want one more second or one millionth of the second, we’d never want to stay here.

Many heavenly beings never want to come here. They don’t have courage. For example, you are staying in a beautiful place like this, so clean and nice. If you had to go into a filthy... like a place where people put the waste water and garbage and things like that, and lock yourself in there everyday, would you like it? A small place, a small confined space with a lot of filth and garbage everyday like this, could you like, would you like? This is what happens to a spiritual being from heaven when they come down and take the confinement of this body.

Some come because they want to develop this planet into a more beautiful place. Yeah, because you remember when you read the history of the planet, the planet was not like this before. It was like a big dense jungle and nobody lived. And it was not comfortable and not beautiful. And because this planet is connected with heavenly plan of existence therefore we have to work together. And because we are also heavenly beings connected with other heavenly beings, so whatever we do here affects them also. A spirit if it’s too high it’s not affected, the lower a little bit affected. Therefore if we do something good, oh, they are very joyful and very happy. If we do something damaging to the world and then affect the universe, they are very worried and also very disturbed. That’s why every of us have some so called “guardian angels”, who are supposed to help us to do our mission in this world. And then depends on what kind of job we do, we will have more angels or less angels, stronger angel or just ordinary angel, etc...

The Indian people have a tradition to respect everyone they meet. Perhaps because in their mythological stories they were told that all the human beings here are spiritual, are great, wise beings from heaven. And sometimes when we meditate we also can see that. But sometimes we are covered so we don’t think too much, so we don’t feel too much homesick. (Master laughs.) So some of them when they meditate they can visit their home, at least have a look and come back here to work again. And other people they forget, they don’t miss their home. They just want to stay here all the time. God gives them enough money, enough instruments to work for this world, but then they use the money, they use the instruments to enjoy, they forget. (Master laughs.) These people are very difficult to get liberation.

And that’s why since ancient time there are always Masters and spiritual friends. They also sacrifice, they come here and wake up the people of the world, but it’s difficult. Once they come here they forget everything from heaven. And sometimes the Master feels very sorry for these brothers and sisters. And sometimes the Master wants to run day and night just to keep calling them, waking them, and bring them back to their spiritual glory, because they suffer too much.

Due to their ignorance they forget their origin, they forget their noble purpose in this world, and they forget that whatever they are given in this world are only instruments so they can fulfill their task. But then they forget and then they are entrapped into these beautiful instruments or situations, and then they get bound here. They cannot go home. Sometimes it takes a long time until they wake up. Meanwhile all the spiritual beings in heaven are feeling sorry for them, want to help them, want to pull them up, but it’s sometimes difficult. So it’s good that you wake up. (Master laughs.) It’s good that you realize that you are not the physical body of this world, that you have a home in heaven.

Actually we should treat all our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters like all spiritual brothers and sisters. Because actually that’s all we are, that’s what we are. Before we came here we made a covenant with each other saying, “Oh! You be my parents, you be my son, you be my sister, you be my teacher, you be my friend and all that.” Everyone comes together to help each other to achieve the purpose of their mission and also to achieve a higher position in the spiritual world. It’s not that because of a higher position that we come here. Just that we have been courageous, we want to try, we want to take the challenge. And then of course the greater the challenge, the greater our spiritual understanding and growth. And then we become, of course, a higher spiritual being through our knowledge and labor that we have offered to the universe. And then heavenly beings of course respect us more and then give us more, even higher responsibilities.

For example, if you are born in a rich family and then if you don’t work, if your parents spoiled you too much and didn’t let you go out and learn and work in different jobs to have experience of your growth, of your talents and your intelligence and your physical power, then you just hang around in the house and eating, sleeping, doing something, but do not have the experience and the capability of a grown up and mature person. And then even your parents cannot entrust you with their great possessions. So like if the parents go away and then maybe you inherit the possessions because you are the only one. But then you don’t know how to manage the business and then you let the business fall apart and then you become poor also. That’s why God let us come here, to study and to strengthen our abilities. The more we work, the more we try to help other people, the more we grow.

The most important in this world, regardless whatever our mission, is love one another, love each other. If we do not do that then we lack a lot of things. And whatever job we do we have to do it wholeheartedly. Moreover we still have to help our fellow beings in whatever way we can, make them happy, make them feel loved. And whenever the situation needs our love to show it, we have to show our love and we have to show some actions, speech and thoughts always in loving kindness. That’s the best for our spiritual growth and best for our fellow beings.

Many children if they don’t have enough love from the parents or family when they were very young, they grow up not a very loving person. Sometimes become very bad persons. And then that in turn will affect other people that they contact. And so the reactions, the influence is very big not only personal. So sometimes, we see a group or families, their personalities are very similar, the whole family. Or a group or a tribe, they have their own character and personality. Or larger, a nation, they have their own character, whether they are very loving or they are very fierce.

Of course there are always good and bad persons in any group. But, the outstanding major character is sometimes very distinguished from one group to another or from one country to the next. And sometimes when you meet one or two persons in a country, if that one or two persons don’t treat you nice or there is something bad happens between you, then you will always have a bad impression about the whole country. And if that experience keeps repeating too many times, then you will think that the whole country is no good, you can never change your attitude, never change your bad impression toward that country. But if you meet one or two nice persons and then a few more nice persons in that country and then it doesn’t matter what happened, you still tend to think that country is nice or the people of that country are nice.

So that happens also for religious things. Sometimes in the group only a few persons do something wrong or cause misunderstanding, and then the whole group are affected by this and are being persecuted for the things a few people do. So actually we have to be careful how we act in everyday life because it’s not we alone that get the full scale of responsibility of what we do or what we say or what we think, but we might affect other people.

Actually our thinking is very important, we should take care that our thinking is always good, it’s better, because thinking is the material for the physical appearance of all things in this universe. If it’s too strong it will materialize right away, if it’s not strong enough it takes some time to materialize. And if it takes too long we forget it. We think it happened alone, it had nothing to do with our thinking, but actually it’s from our thinking that it happened. That’s what is meant by karma — As you sow so shall you reap.

Be careful that our thinking is always pure, because many people can read our minds even. Most of the time people are protected from other people, so they don’t know who is thinking what; it’s better for them. But sometimes some people have this ability to read our minds, and the heavenly beings can read our minds. We are an open book to the whole universe, so be careful. So whenever we think something bad, better cut it out right away. Otherwise very embarrassing. Also because of our thoughts, we create good atmosphere or bad atmosphere for this world and the next. If our thoughts are very strong, then one individual thinking can make things happen, can make things good or bad happen. If not too strong, then a group of people who think the same thing will make things happen.

That’s why we see, as mentioned before, sometimes a group of people or a tribe of people have very similar traits of personalities or have similar things that happened to them or similar things that happened to their country. That’s collective karma, because the same minds attract the same things. That’s why in our practice we are advised to keep our body, speech and actions pure, so we can keep at first our personal atmosphere pure and we can create also a pure atmosphere for the world in which we live and for the heaven, for the universe also.

So the more people practice like this, the purer the world will become or at least it’s balanced, it’s not too bad that nobody can breathe and nobody can stay inside. That’s how we can fulfill our mission on Earth to bless this world. So do you see how important it is to keep our speech and mind and actions pure? We have to help also with social work. Whatever we can do to help lessen the suffering, that is the most noble work which will not only be recognized in this world, but also praised by heaven.

That’s why when you give someone who needs it, needs the love or needs some material comfort, at that time you feel very good. Why do you feel good? Because at that time you are one with heaven. You’re doing heavenly work. You’re doing the correct work and you’re truly representing heaven in doing all this charitable work. Maybe these people also are spiritual beings. They sacrifice themselves, they’re born poor so that you can learn the lesson of love. That’s why all the Masters from ancient times advise us that when we give something, we do good to someone, we should not be proud. We might feel good, okay, but we should be thankful that we have had the opportunity to do it.

There was a very famous book published recently in America, in which a person who died went to heaven and she was shown many different functions of the human beings in this world. In one of the things she was shown was a man, dirty, drunken, old and lonely who was kind of sleeping in the corner of the street. And then the heavenly being asked her if she knows who he is. And from heaven, she looked down, she said, “Why, it’s a drunken, stupid man.” Because he really looked drunk, stupid and ugly and dirty and filthy and old and worthless.

But the heavenly beings revealed to her his real identity after that. And then she knew that this person was a very great heavenly being, respected by all heaven. He sacrificed his time on the Earth existence to help his friend. His friend is a lawyer, is about a block away on the same street. And the lawyer is always doing some good work for poor people and for the injustice in the country. But every time he saw this drunken man he’s determined to do more, otherwise he forgets or he slackens in his efforts.

But both of them have forgotten their promise with each other, to help each other before they came to Earth. Because they were good friends in heaven and that’s how they help each other. But of course the lawyer will get all the glory and credit and the drunk gets all the cursing and all the despite from the people. And knowing and not knowing both of them are doing their job very well until the time comes, then they go back to heaven. And being a drunk man just laying there, (Master laughs) just always reminding his friend to try to fight for the poor, for the desperate people, the homeless and the like...


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