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News 167, Master Says

Make Miracles with Your Positive Spirit

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Surrey, United Kingdom • January 2, 2006
(Originally in English)

If that kid (Master is referring to a 16-year-old boy in Rwanda who touched Her heart with his upright spirit), or any human being were merely a physical body, it wouldn’t be possible that he could think like that. There must be a soul behind it; there must be some great force behind it. Otherwise, an ordinary person under such dire circumstances couldn’t still have such an upright spirit and wouldn’t be so proud, not begging or anything like that. For example, one of the mothers had a baby who was very ill, and she didn’t have money. So she wanted to walk 20 miles and bring her to the hospital in the next town, in the bigger city, to beg them to help her somehow, if they would. But then a journalist coming by gave her and the baby a lift into town. And the journalist also gave her some money for the baby’s treatment. She was stunned. The native Rwandan looked at the journalist, very surprised and said, “But your lift was good enough!”

These are really good people, very proud and very honest. And they deserve help. But this is just an example so that you know that if you just keep your positive spirit, miracles happen. Even if you’re still lousy and negative after you learn the Quan Yin Method, miracles still happen. Can you imagine if you’re more positive, with more faith, how much more powerful you can be? You bless yourself, bless your life, bless the whole world, bless the universe and make miracles happen everywhere, wherever you walk. So, do that! And it will happen.

That kid, he was only 16, and he also spoke like that. The whole village wouldn’t talk to him and wouldn’t go near him because he and his family were so poor, saying that they weren’t very lucky or good or anything. But the boy said, “I will prove them wrong!” So he worked 18 hours a day at 16 years of age to nourish his five brothers and sisters and his elderly grandparents. He said he wasn’t afraid of anything, only that he might get ill, that’s it, so that he could not work. But meanwhile, he still studied things by himself, like in a book that he grabbed somewhere. And because of that spirit, miracles did happen.

With only 30 pounds Sterling, he can buy a parcel of land and some goats, and make cheese and milk and plant vegetables, sufficient for the whole family. So the money I sent is more than a miracle. More than 10 times that I sent to him, apart from what was sent to other people as well. It’s just that he has a strong spirit. And he’s not even initiated; he’s not anything spiritual or anything special. He just wanted to concentrate on working to feed his family. Such a strong power like that could make miracles happen. It is a miracle for him because the whole family needs only 30 pounds to be independent forever. And he has more than that now. For that country, for that situation, it’s like a big fortune.

For example, if you won 100,000 pounds all of a sudden, and all you needed was maybe 10,000 pounds, that would be a miracle. It would be the manifestation of a miracle. And this boy earned it because of what he said, because of the spirit of positivity within him and because of the sacrifice he made for his family. It’s so positive and still so strong that it can make miracles happen.

So how much more could you make in your lucky situation, with the spiritual power that you’ve been given and you’ve acquired and continue to develop? We can make anything happen with mind power. Just think good for others and do good for others. That’s the miracle you’re making every day. You are the miracle! You are the miracle for other people, for yourselves, for the less fortunate. That’s what Heaven is made of. What else do you think Heaven is to that boy 16 years of age when he gets more than 10 times what he needs for the whole family, forever? What else do you think Heaven looks like, or a miracle is?

So we make miracles all the time. We make them with our own hands because we earn money. And then with those hands, we can give life-sustaining power to some unfortunate people. We can comfort them with our thoughts, with our speech and with our loving kindness. These are all miracles that you’re making every day. And I’m proud of you that you’re doing that. Anytime someone needs you, you give. And surprisingly in our societies, there are still people who need us, not just in Africa. So we have a chance to do something every day. Maybe we just give 50 cents to a homeless person for warm tea, maybe one pound to someone else who’s sick and can’t work, maybe a cup of coffee for a neighbor when she can’t go out and maybe buying some medicine for her when she needs to go to the pharmacy but can’t. Maybe it’s just doing any little thing, because those are all miracles. To the people who can’t do it, they’re miracles. Just like you, when you want to come here but you can’t: So when you can, you say, “Oh, it’s a miracle!” (Everyone laughs)

Miracles happen all the time. Miracles depend on what you need. To you, a miracle is just to go and see some strange woman, (Master jokes about Herself) not to earn any money or care if you don’t have any! (Laughter) That’s a miracle, a big deal miracle, not just a small one, that goes to you. To that boy in Rwanda, a 30 pound gift is a big miracle. And it was even more than that, 10 or 12 times more, enough for the whole family forever or at least for life, to build their life, whole and strong. Maybe the boy can open a business as well, not just goat cheese but maybe a farm or something. And he’ll also be able to send his brothers and sisters to school and buy medicine for his elderly grandparents and help other people later when he becomes rich.

It goes on forever; it’s not just for him. Because someone helps him now, later he’ll help someone else. That’s always for sure! He will never forget the day that he needed, and he will understand the people who need. A person like that will not forget.

So it’s not like I’m just helping him or his family. It will continue. The kindness will be redeemed as more kindness, and many people will benefit from that. And this is a good way; this is how we should live our life. We breed kindness. We nurture it, make it grow and spread it all over the world. And that’s how the world becomes better. It does affect us in many ways, not just in a spiritual way but in a physical way as well. The thing you may not know is that it affects the government, affects the leaders and affects the peace. It affects everything. For example, you see now more and more people are vegetarian, you see that the war in Ireland is finished, and that south Korea and north Korea talked – so many things that one cannot even remember sometimes! Even the emperor of Japan just read a loving and sympathetic letter to the whole world, saying how sorry he was and how much sympathy he felt for the victims of the war. This has never been done before. Maybe you think it’s because of economic or political pressure, but that has always been there. This is not the first time any nation has had pressure from anyone else, from another country or from an international power, and it’s not the first time the Japanese or any other country has had that. So it’s getting better all the time.

Of course, there’s still the cleansing of the Astral. But the rest will be fine and strong and will get better all the time. Look at how far we have lifted, in all aspects. The disasters cannot be helped; that’s the karma of the Astral energy. But otherwise, whatever the improvements, it just gets better and better all the time. Could you have imagined before what we have now? (Master picks up a cell phone) Talking to a square piece like that, saying “Hallo!” then a guy from the other end of the universe answers you! And there are many other things. For example, you can concentrate 1000 songs into that small iPod. No one knows where it came from. Or, 300 songs in just a small stick, like a piece of chewing gum. That’s powerful!

Nowadays, we can even see each other from a hundred thousand miles away, just by holding a square thing in our hand. We have video pictures, songs, DVDs, everything. And a person at the other end of the globe can see it like it’s right in front of them, but it’s right there in your hand. That would have been a miracle a hundred years ago or maybe even 50 or 70 years ago. So, life is a miracle all the time. If you look, you see miracles. It’s just that sometimes we take things for granted, wishing and washing for something else, which is not really important or necessary at all. The miracle is in your hands. When you go out, you work with the miracle that’s inside. You go out, work with it and you bring home miracles. And then you can spread those miracles all around you and around the globe.

We have miracles all the time. The whole body is a miracle! Just make use of it, and make more miracles. If you don’t use it, there’s not much miracle except if you can see it. It’s good already. Don’t wait until you’re blind and think, “My God! I had a miracle before!” Appreciate it. Every day, thank God. Thank the Universe for its sustaining power so that the whole planet doesn’t drop into somewhere, so that the sun stays in the sky, so that the moon even comes out and says “Hallo!” to you every month on time, with no clock needed.

Miracles are everywhere. The snow brings water for your garden and for the agriculture. Everything is a miracle! So don’t take them for granted, but use them to invest and make more miracles. Use your miraculous hands to make more events happen with more financial success. Then you can enjoy life and spread it out. And our life is simple; that’s why we can afford to help someone else, because we don’t need much. You use whatever you have, and whatever you have with you is a miracle. Even your hair: you can do a thousand things with it. Don’t wait until you lose it all and say, “Oh, my miracle’s gone!” (Everyone laughs.)

We can see the world around us; that’s already a big miracle. Can you imagine if you didn’t have that? At night, when you’re groping in the dark, you know what it’s like to have the miracle of your ears so you can hear. Your health, all the tissues in your body functioning in harmony, that’s a miracle. When something goes wrong, then you appreciate that it was right before. Sometimes it’s late. But it’s good that your life and your body are in harmony together. The mind, the brain and the body work together to make you a functional, perfect human being. And you are beautiful already, very beautiful. You have everything; you’re lacking nothing.


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