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Report from Peru
Spreading the Quan Yin Method in an Ancient Spiritual Country

The Argentinian fellow practitioners and the Quan Yin messenger recently visited Peru - a spiritually developed country. Since the ancient Inca civilization advocated vegetarianism, many Peruvians are vegetarians, and can easily accept Master's teachings.

Several seminars held by the Truth-Spreading group were all fully attended. After the video lectures, many people requested to learn the Convenient Method, or enroled for the initiation.

During their stay in Peru, two radio stations repeatedly invited fellow practitioners for interviews. In an one hour interview program, they introduced Master, mentioned the awards She has received, told of Her efforts to elevate the spiritual level of the world and relieve the world's suffering disaster victims, and so on. During the interview, many members of the audience telephoned the radio station wishing to know more. Some even went straight to the radio station to ask questions or request the initiation. Their sincerity and earnestness was truly touching.

The hosts of the two radio programs later learnt the Convenient Method. The host of Radio National even invited the Quan Yin messenger to his home to teach him and his wife meditation. When practicing the Convenient Method meditation he perceived brilliant and beautiful white and pink light, which made him raise his thumb and exclaim, "Wonderful!" Immediately he decided to become a full vegetarian. Many other staff members at the radio station are also practicing the Convenient Method.

One of the major newspapers in Peru, the Expreso, and another paper specializing in culture and art, the Salud, both printed articles on prominent pages about Master. The News editor of Salud asked us to give them more information and material about Master so they could continue to report in the future.

Channel Four TV also invited us for an interview, and broadcasted the video footage of Master receiving the World Spiritual Leadership Award in the United States.

Before leaving Peru, the last video lecture was held in a vegetarian restaurant, and the producer of Channel Seven TV was there to cover the event. The producer asked many profound questions and was greatly interested in and convinced by Master's teachings. He hoped to report on Master in the future. Later, he learnt the Convenient Method, and told us that he had a very good experience.

Meanwhile, in Peru, many people earnestly enroled for the Convenient Method and initiation. A would-be initiate practicing the Convenient Method was so anxious that she flew all the way to Formosa for the initiation.

The first person to have received the initiation in Peru - a fellow sister, has been a vegetarian since childhood. She was interested in all spiritual paths, and often eagerly helped any spiritual group coming from abroad. However, she never became a member of any of them until she met Master. After the initiation, she had plenty of experiences, and was filled with bliss. She hopes Master will go to Peru soon, because this is the unanimous prayer of many of her compatriots. Lots of them have written letters requesting Master to visit Peru.

A university professor repeatedly thanked us for introducing Master and Her noble ideal to Peru. He is hoping to spread this good news to every Peruvian, so that everyone can practice together to make Peru become a truly highly spiritually developed country, restoring the glory that the ancient Inca civilization symbolize.


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