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News 161, Panorama of Events

Report from Serbia
Master’s Divine Teachings Reach Serbia

by Tanja Obermajer, Ljubljana, Slovenia

[Belgrads] Thanks to God and Hiers perfect arrangements, on September 21, 2005 Slovenian initiates, with the help of a Norwegian brother, held their first video seminar and Convenient Method teaching session at the Park Hotel in downtown Belgrade, the capital of Serbia (part of the former Yugoslavia).

For four days before the event, the initiates distributed sample booklets and promotional leaflets to local residents, who accepted them with pleasure. And on the day of the seminar the brothers and sisters decorated the venue with Master’s photos and beautiful flower arrangements, displayed Her books, News magazines, audio and video-tapes and DVDs and prepared some light refreshments. That afternoon several dozen guests came to the Hotel to participate, and during the video presentation attentively listened to Master’s every word. Afterwards twelve lucky guests stayed to learn the Convenient Method, and those who were unable to attend the CM teaching session due to prior commitments asked the initiates to contact them later to learn the Method.

During the CM session, everyone experienced a blessed meditation filled with Heavenly peace and love. Then before leaving, the guests expressed their sincere gratitude for having had the chance to receive God’s authentic teachings, and suggested the initiates spread Master’s message more broadly by advertising in local newspapers and holding seminars in other Serbian cities.

On October 29, 2005, Slovenian initiates held another video seminar and Convenient Method teaching session in a rented apartment in Belgrade for those who were unable to attend the September 21st CM training. The sisters and brothers were pleasantly surprised to see some newcomers attending as well. In addition, the initiates arranged a place in Belgrade for the new CM practitioners to meet and meditate together once a week and up to mid-November several individuals asked to receive full initiation.

After the Belgrade video seminars, the Slovenian initiates felt happy to have transmitted Master’s message and love for the first time to the Serbian people, and they look forward to organizing more such events in the future.


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