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News 80, Panorama of Events

Report from Mexico
Spiritual Night in Mexico

[Mexico] To further their understanding of Master's teachings and to encourage each other to practice diligently, fellow initiates in Mexico held a unique evening event at the Mexico Center on March 8th. The occasion, featuring many historical highlights, was attended by Convenient Method practitioners as well as the general public. The program theme was Spiritual Quest and Soul Elevation thus was approved and praised by everyone present.

The program was divided into three parts. Part one presented a recital of poems; part two presented an interpretation of teachings by enlightened Masters, both ancient and living; and part three included drama and musical performances.

In the first part of the program, two fellow initiates - one a child - recited the works glorifying the meaning of life by famous Mexican poets. Their excellent performance won thunderous applause from the audience.

Part two was the highlight of the evening because it correlated and explained the teachings of three enlightened Masters, namely the ancient Indian Master Quetzacoatl, Jesus Christ and Supreme Master Ching Hai.

In the teachings of Quetzacoatl, three chapters from the "Conversation of Truth" were selected. The first chapter introduced the real meaning of giving and receiving; the second chapter talked about the true meaning of Light and explained that, after initiation, the Master is forever with us. So instead of searching outside, we should first seek the Kingdom of God within us. The third chapter was a compilation of words of wisdom and clearly indicated that two thousand years ago, Master Quetzacoatl encouraged the native Indian people to become vegetarians and to pursue spiritual practice as well as not to obstruct others from becoming spiritual practitioners.

Fellow initiates pointed out that the teachings in these three chapters coincide with Master's teachings. For instance, Master teaches us to forget quickly after we have given in charity; also that we should thank the poor people because they arouse our conscience and touch our hearts, allowing us to realize that sometimes it's the poor who give us the opportunity to develop our compassion and generosity. Master has also said that She will never forsake us after initiation. She is constantly watching us grow, protecting and taking care of us in every way. Fellow initiates also quoted the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible, which are identical to Master's teachings.

Finally, the article, "A Saintly Way of Living," that was published in Suma News No. 72, was read. Highlighting the main points: be consistent within and without, as one's outer behavior reflects one's inner qualities; practice sincerely to develop one's love and wisdom, then one will progress and become more loving, compassionate and humble. The presenter emphasized the fact that the two ancient Masters have left us, so the gate to heaven can only be opened for us by a living enlightened Master. It was pointed out that we must cherish this rare opportunity of a lifetime to follow an enlightened Master and be certain not to miss this greatest blessing.

The drama performance was about the transmigration of a spiritual practitioner. At first, the main actor played the role of the devil, after which he transmigrated and became an animal, then finally a human. Even when he was a human, he still could not escape the sufferings within the three realms - old age, loneliness, illness, helplessness and sorrow. Fortunately, he finally met a living enlightened Master and practiced the Quan Yin Method. Deeply touched, the audience showed their appreciation with loud applause. Then fellow initiates gave a performance on guitar and flute, followed by spiritual songs, which brought a delightful atmosphere to the venue.

Throughout the two-hour program, Master's infinite blessing power was tangible. Many people in the audience saw the entire venue engulfed in a vast light that was full of harmony, peace and vitality.

Being a wonderful way to spread Master's teachings, the event was very helpful to fellow practitioners in understanding more about each other and about Master's teachings. After the event, fellow initiates all wished that there could be more of these grand activities in the future, so that they could integrate their spiritual practice with daily life and have more opportunities to broaden their minds and cultivate their spiritual nature.


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