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News 80, Panorama of Events

Report from Formosa
A Perfect Exhibit of Supreme Art

[Taipei] The latest S.M. Celestial Clothes and Jewelry boutique, managed by a professional fashion agent, has opened. On opening day, numerous guests crowded the venue and the thundering sound of firecrackers filled the air. Out of admiration, day and night visitors came like an endless stream. Staff were attentive and courteous. Tray after tray of "Holiday-spirit dumpling soup," glutinous rice and specially prepared non-alcoholic cocktails were served to guests like a non-stop banquet. The atmosphere was incredibly joyous.

At the most auspicious time, firecrackers thundered, symbolizing good luck. Flower baskets and wreaths offered by different companies adorned the front of the joyous boutique.

In the shop there are three parts to the Supreme Master Ching Hai Supreme Art exhibit: celestial clothing, jewelry and bags. All are heavenly works exquisitely exhibited for the world. The celestial fashions are all produced with three-dimensional cutting techniques. The newest jewelry designs include a brilliant SM ring, earrings and bracelets inlaid with small diamonds, which are so delicately crafted that everyone simply loves to look at them.

The beautiful Celestial Clothes, suitable for both work and social occasions become more outstanding when coordinated with matching handbags.

The SM logo symbolizes the perfect combination of spirit and the physical body. Wearing it reminds one to evolve spiritually in the physical world. All these works of art are designed by our world renowned master artist, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Each has it's own special meaning specific for spiritual development.

The fashion boutique is decorated very elegantly, creating a soothing and very pleasing atmosphere. Not only is it spacious, but there is also the delightful sound of a small fountain. Supreme Master Ching Hai's personally designed Longevity lamp and Stone lamp entitled, "The Four Aspects of Gratitude" and "Longevity Turtle" are also displayed.

When guests admire the colorful Celestial Clothing and listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai's songs at the same time, they are elevated into the heavenly realms. Those who have an affinity bring their families and friends to visit the boutique. Certainly the experience will brighten your eyes and enrich your souls.

Life is Precious: A First-Aid Training Camp

[Taichung] Supreme Master Ching Hai has suggested that fellow initiates in all Centers to learn first-aid. Then, in the event of an emergency, we could go to the disaster area and assist the regular rescue team, offering whatever help the disaster victims might need most.

In order to develop our first-aid skills, the Taichung Center held a weekend first-aid training camp at the end of January. We invited a professional from the Red Cross to come and instruct us. During the camp, enthusiastic volunteer instructors gave comprehensive demonstrations.

First-aid means giving injured or sick people emergency treatment on the spot before sending them to the hospital. Instructor Zheng from the Red Cross told us that people in Formosa do not have the correct understanding and skills regarding first-aid. Consequently, many people have been seriously injured or have died because of this. So having the proper understanding about first-aid and learning first-aid skills are tasks that are extremely important in our modern society. He said that even if a patient is not breathing or is unconscious, we should not stop treating him until a doctor officially declares that he is dead. "Cure a dead horse as if it were alive" is the motto of first-aid workers, who do not easily give up due to their respect for life and sincerity in helping people.

Instructor Zheng cited one example about a little girl who saved her grandfather's life by doing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) continually for four hours. This story moved us all. We deeply realized that we can let nature take its own course only after we have tried our best.

The training classes were tightly scheduled. We even had a test after the course ended. The fellow initiates who attended the camp all concentrated diligently, reading and practicing during the classes. After two day's training, we learned a lot and felt very happy. We not only learned how to rescue ourselves and others, but also learned a lesson of love once again when we saw the devoted spirit of the Red Cross instructor who sincerely did his best to serve people.


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