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News 102, Panorama of Events

Report from Europe
Praying for the Kosovo People

[Vienna] The Kosovo conflict, which has drawn the participation of 16 European nations, the United States and Canada, has escalated into the largest war in Europe since World War II. The close proximity and relations among the European countries have generated fear and concern among their populations about the suffering and severe damage that the ongoing crisis could bring should it spread to other parts of the continent.

The Kosovo crisis in Yugoslavia has received extensive media coverage, as continuous fighting has forced thousands of innocent people to flee their homes. In response, fellow initiates throughout Europe have contacted each other and organized group meditation sessions at local Centers as well as Peace-For-Europe one-day retreats on Sundays. During group meditation and retreats, initiates pray that God will help all the suffering sentient beings in Europe. They pray that bloodshed among innocent people will be avoided and that the souls of those who died in the war will be uplifted and find peace. Initiates also pray for spiritual enlightenment and a bright and peaceful future for the people of Europe. Local Centers have encouraged those who cannot attend group meditation to meditate at home.

More than 20 Centers in Europe, with some in Russia are participating in the joint European peace meditation, following a similar time schedule. Convinced that the love generated through meditation is what they need most, the initiates believe that God's love not only has enveloped the European continent but also is blessing the whole world and the universe. As Master once said in one of Her lectures, "When we meditate together, we generate a very strong power. Whatever we seek will be realized. We should pray for world peace, for the happiness of sentient beings, and for everyone to be liberated and enlightened soon. When all of us together devote this great power to praying for the world, our light will grow strong and brilliant. If we keep our thoughts pure and pray for the benefit of the universe, of other people and of ourselves, but not for ephemeral material benefits, our prayers will be very powerful. We will be able to save the world. Whether the world will come to an end or not will not affect us because if we practice spiritually, there is no such thing as the end of the world."


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